Zeta Tau Alpha Quick Facts

National Founding: October 15, 1898 at Longwood University, VA
Local Founding: April 22, 1967 as the Zeta Lambda Chapter
Motto: “Seek the Noblest”
Philanthropic Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness, Research, and Education
National Organization: www.zetataualpha.org
Nickname: Zeta
Colors: Turquoise and Steel Grey
Flower: The White Violet 
Symbol: The Five Pointed Crown and the Strawberry
Mascot: The Bunny

2015 Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter Statistics

Overall Chapter Score- 89.5%
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Academic Achievement- 55% (11/20)

  • Increased the requirement of study hours/tutoring for sisters falling below a 2.5
  • Incentivized the chapter by doing Brainy Bunnies and No Skippy Jar

Chapter Operations- 94.1% (32/34)

  • Chapter utilized multiple social media platforms and their website to advertise and promote the organization
  • All chapter members are involved in another organization

Leadership Development- 96.9% (32/34)

  • LINKS program was provided to provide guidance to upperclassmen
  • 10 executive board positions and 17 program council positions are offered in the chapter

Programming- 100% (32/32)

  • Chapter raised over $14,000 at their annual tricky tray for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness
  • Multiple sisterhood programs focused on building relationships

Risk Reduction- 100% (22/22)

  • Chapter used resources from their National organization for programs on hazing prevention, fire safety, alcohol skills training program, and national alcohol education programs.
  • Bright Pink programs focused on self-breast exams

House Management- 87.5% (14/16)

  • Lounge renovations were completed
  • Several days were held to paint outside and beautify the space

Presentation- 80% (20/25)

2015 Chapter Academics

  • Spring 2015 Chapter GPA: 3.22
  • Fall 2015 Chapter GPA: 3.184
  • Spring 2015 New Member GPA: 2.931

Zeta Tau Alpha Contact Information

Chapter President: Gianna Prosperi
Primary Advisor: Christine D'Elia
House Manager: Brionna Hawkins

Chapter Violations

  • 2015 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2014 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 1
    *Sanctions based on March 8, 2013 Alcohol Policy Violation- all complete
    - Monetary Fine
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Fraternities & Sororities, Recognized Fraternities and Sororities