Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha Quick Facts
National Founding: October 15, 1898 at Longwood University, VA
Local Founding: April 22, 1967 as the Zeta Lambda Chapter
Motto: “Seek the Noblest”
Philanthropic Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness, Research, and Education
National Organization: www.zetataualpha.org
Nickname: Zeta
Colors: Turquoise and Steel Grey
Flower: The White Violet
Symbol: The Five Pointed Crown and the Strawberry
Mascot: The Bunny
Website: www.ztarider.jigsy.com

Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter Statistics
Overall Chapter Score- 86.4%
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Spring 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 62
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 1
  • Chapter GPA- 3.098
  • New Members Inducted- 19
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 0
  • New Member GPA- 2.972
  • Total Building Damages- $51.16

Fall 2013

  • Number of Active Member- 55
  • Number of Members who Disaffiliated- 0
  • Chapter GPA- 3.3
  • New Members Inducted- 8
  • Number of Members who Depledged- 0
  • New Member GPA- 3.27
  • Total Building Damages- $56.28

Zeta Tau Alpha Contact Information
Chapter President: Ashley Lopez
Primary Advisor:  Nicole Byrne
Zeta Tau Alpha House Manager: 2013-2014 Danielle Ligouri, 2014-2015 Cassandra Ettman
House Director: Crity Ziegler

Zeta Tau Alpha Standards and Expectations Highlights
Academic Achievement
- 60.4%

Chapter Operations
- 97.1%

Risk Reduction
- 90.9%

House Management
- 75%

Programming- 93.1%

  • Chapter raised more than $10,000 for their philanthropy Breast Cancer Education and Awareness.
  • Chapter participated with a speaker in their National program, My Sisiter, My Responsibility.
  • Chapter held a Yoplait Yogurt Eating Contest, which was a huge success and helped them collect yogurt lids for their philanthropy.
  • Sisters were recognized as “Smarty Pants, Brainy Bunny, or Berry Best” in different academic incentive programs.
  • Awards Received: Living the Ritual, Chapter of the Year

Leadership Development- 90.9%

  • Chapter partnered with the TCNJ chapter to transition officers and increase the connection between the officer positions.
  • LINKS program catered to the needs of all members in each grade of the organization.  All members had a focus area to build in.
  • Chapter participated in ZETA Day with other chapters in the Northeast.  Sisters were recognized with awards and the chapter won the “Quota/ Total Award”

Chapter Violations

  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 1
    *Sanctions based on March 8, 2013 Alcohol Policy Violation
       - Monetary Fine- completion pending
       - Community Restitution- completion pending
       - Risk Management Program- completion pending
  • 2012 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 1
    *Sanctions based on December 5, 2012 Noise violation
       - Monetary Fine - completed 12/12/12
  • 2011 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0