Leadership Skills
Because we believe that the challenges of leadership should be understood and practiced by students in every major, opportunities to lead are built into every part of your learning experience at Rider.
Leadership in the classroom. Our professors incorporate activities like role playing, group exercises and case studies into their classes and seminars to help you develop your interpersonal skills as a leader. Create a personal leadership action plan You can develop a co-curricular transcript that charts your leadership activities and skills in and out of the classroom for future employers. Learning to lead. Starting in your freshman year, you have the option of participating in formal leadership training programs. They’re designed to build your basic leadership skills, develop your interpersonal strengths and even introduce you to professional networking. Applying your leadership skills. Rider’s student clubs and organizations are student-led and managed. Participation as a student leader gives you the chance to apply your management, team-building, creative and financial vision as a leader. Rewards for your leadership. Rider understands being a student leader is challenging, so it recognizes the contributions of students in senior campus leadership positions with financial stipends.

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