Connected Learning at Rider
The most important thing isn’t what you learn, but how you learn. At Rider, that process starts with engaged faculty members whose top priority is their students. The result is an exciting, interdisciplinary approach that will prepare you for a lifetime of active learning. Our small and personal classes let you share ideas and listen to the experiences of others. Communication skills and teamwork become integral to how you learn.
Create your own path. Dozens of interdisciplinary majors and minors let you explore the similarities and differences between various disciplines that interest you. Pay it forward. Service learning with a community organization, company or institution gives you the chance to solve a problem or advance a goal with your classmates. Engage in research. Link theory to the thrill of discovery by working with our faculty on major research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation — or pursue your own independent research. Showcase your talents. Students in Rider’s Westminster College of the Arts have exceptional performance opportunities both on and off campus. Gain professional experience. Internships with top corporations, community groups, schools and government provide the ultimate test of your learning as you apply your knowledge on the job. See the world. Travel courses give you the opportunity to look at a subject in the context of another culture and immerse yourself in an all-new learning experience.

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