Putting the Rider 5 into Action
1. Connected Learning 2. Leadership Skills 3. Global Perspective 4. Social Responsibility 5. Student Centered
Learning never happens in a vacuum at Rider. We take an interdisciplinary approach to education, and you'll be able to explore the similarities and differences between our 60 academic majors and programs. Our classes are small, so it's easy to share your ideas and engage with your professors.
Connected Learning
Connected learning is also about putting what you learn to work through internships, study abroad experiences and research. Click here to read about Emily Marsilia. She landed a role during her junior year as a main stage performer on the new cruise Disney Dream thanks to the connections and support of her voice professor, Dr. Mariann Cook.
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At Rider, opportunities to lead are built into every part of your learning experience. Our professors will help you develop the critical-thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills that are requirements of good leadership. They incorporate activities like role playing, group exercises and case studies into their classes. Outside the classroom, our clubs and organizations are student-led and managed, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to apply your skills.
If you're serious about becoming a confident leader, check out Rider's Center for the Development of Leadership Skills — one of the premiere leadership development programs in the country.
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In our globally connected world, learning to communicate with people from many different cultures is crucial to your success. That's easy at Rider — students from 60 countries attend our university. We bring the world to your classroom, too. Most of our majors feature classes that focus exclusively on global topics.
 Global Perspective
Rider offers a number of study abroad options. You'll have opportunities to spend a semester in places as far as Europe, Asia, and South America. Our professors also lead students on shorter excursions to places like Spain and the Galapagos Islands.
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College is a time to look for concrete ways to make a meaningful difference, and many classes at Rider incorporate opportunities for you to contribute to the community. In fact, our students volunteer 60,000 hours annually! By engaging in important issues, you'll become a well-rounded citizen and gain hands-on experience.

Sustainability is a big deal
at Rider. Check out our website to see how we're going green.
Another way you can make a difference is through the Rider Bonner Community Scholars program. Students volunteer at local schools, Boys & Girls Clubs and soup kitchens while receiving a weekly stipend.
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At Rider, every member of our community is available to support you as a student, and no one roams these halls as a stranger. That's our promise to you. Rider's student-centered approach begins with our professors. You'll find that they're passionate about teaching and willing to meet with you one-on-one.
Student Centered
How else does Rider make student life all about you? Our campus provides plenty of ways to get involved! You can express yourself in any of our 150 student clubs and organizations. We also offer NCAA Division I athletic teams and a variety of intramural sports.
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