Raiser's Edge Mailing Request Form


Please allow for at least 10 business days for request to be completed.  

Document Naming Conventions
Please title the file using the following format 'projectname_description'. Do not include any spaces/special characters in the document name.
Required for use of seasonal addresses and to add action in records.

Questions may be directed to Karen Bognar at ext.7623, bognar@rider.edu or call Adv. Services at ext.5169. <DO NOT NEED?>Please submit Mailing Request Form and signed Policy and Confidentiality Agreement with printed material via fax to 895-5622, or interoffice mail to Advancement Services, Van Cleve Alumni House

Selection Criteria for Segmentation

Alumni Education Segmentation Criteria
i.e. Athletics, Frat/Sorority, Residence Hall, Club/Org
Selection Criteria for Segmentation
i.e. employment, affiliations
Seasonal address will be considered unless otherwise noted
Output Transmission

Mailing and List Request Policy Statement

  1. All constituent information provided is official Rider University documentation and is strictly confidential. The disclosure of this information is restricted to those University employees with a legitimate need to know and access to such information is required by the employee to perform the normal duties of their employment. Employees have a legal and ethical obligation to respect the privacy of our constituents and protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information.

  2. Sensitive personal information including, but not limited to social security numbers, giving history, or other financial information about our constituents will not be provided. 

  3. Any information being provided to a third party must be approved and a confidentiality agreement with that party executed. All information being transmitted to a third party must be done in a secure format.  No personal information is to be sent to an external source via e-mail.

  4. The information being provided is for one time, internal use only for the project or mailing identified. 

  5. All mailing and list requests must be made on an official Mailing Request Form.

  6. Constituent information will only be made available for the support of approved, University-related activities. Therefore, the purpose of mailing or list must be provided along with samples of materials being sent. All mailing and list requests must be distributed to and approved through signoff by Advancement Services, Alumni Relations, Development and Communications.

  7. Usual expected turnaround for completion of requests is within 10 business days, but may be longer during periods of high volume work or staff scheduling.  Expected turnaround times will be communicated with requester.

  8. It is expected that all returned mail, e-mail returns and updates, and phone number updates etc. be provided to Advancement Services for updating in Raiser’s Edge.

  9. Constituents coded with mailing or solicit exclusion codes, or Do Not Release, indicating that the constituent has requested no University contact, will automatically be removed from mailing lists.  

I have read and understand the policies for mailing and list requests and agree to comply with all aspects of this policy in making the attached request.