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Handles payroll, direct deposit, purchasing and check requests, expenses, overtime, IRS forms, time reporting codes, and staff information.
The President is the chief executive and administrative officer of the University, elected by the Board of Trustees, and responsible for coordinating all aspects of the institution's operations.
Welcome to Orientation at Westminster Welcome to Westminster Choir College and thanks for visiting the Orientation site! We are excited that you will be coming very soon and look forward to seeing you on campus. Orientation is a time when you will familiarize yourself with various aspects of college life. There will be academic components, along with many chances to socialize with your new class! Westminster really is a special place where you can grow both musically and personally, and Orientation sets you on that path.
Responsible for the safety and well-being of the campus community.
What you should know about purchasing of supplies, payments to vendors and check requests.