Private Instruction and Tuition

Registration for Full Academic Year

The faculty of Westminster Conservatory is comprised of dedicated professional musicians who are committed to the highest level of excellence in teaching. Our teachers are adept at helping students of all ability and experience levels develop their skills, while inspiring a love of music. All teachers hold advanced degrees and/or certificates in music. A biographical sketch of each teacher is available here.

To sign up for private lessons at Westminster Conservatory, families complete the registration form. In addition, families are encouraged to provide information about the student that might be helpful in the placement process by completing the student profile form and submitting it with the registration form.

Using this information, the Conservatory will contact families to discuss their options for placement with a Conservatory teacher. Experience, teaching styles, and availability vary from teacher to teacher. The Conservatory makes every effort to match each student with the most appropriate teacher who is available at the location of choice, on the day and time the family has requested, and who is best suited to work with the student to meet their needs and attain their goals.

2014–2015 Private Lesson Pricing

Private lesson tuition (based on seniority) – 34-week academic year:

  • 30-minute lesson - $37.75 or $41 each
  • 45-minute lesson - $53 or $56.25 each
  • 60-minute lesson - $67.25 or $72.50 each

Intern faculty private lesson tuition – 24-week academic year (piano only):

  • 30-minute lesson - $30 each
  • 45-minute lesson - $42 each
  • 60-minute lesson - $53 each

Intern faculty are graduate piano pedagogy students at Westminster Choir College who are planning teaching careers. These interns must meet high performance standards and receive recommendations from their professors. They teach a reduced schedule of 24 weeks per academic year. Lessons may be affected by the academic calendar of Westminster Choir College and are subject to time changes mid-year.