On Campus/ Inter -Campus
Dial 4 digit extension
Campus Public Safety – Dial 7777
Princeton Police – Dial 9 + 911
Campus Directory Assistance*
Dial 5325
WCC Campus Dispatch – Dial 8315 or
Lawrenceville Campus Security – Dial 5029
Dial 9 + 7 digit number
Information Mailbox-Dial 2001 (from on campus)
Dial 609 219-2001 (from off campus)
Long Distance
Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number
Telephone/Voice Mail Assistance
Dial 3000 (from on campus)
Dial 609 219-3000 (from off campus) or easypass.rider.edu
Dial 9 + Calling Card Access Phone Number
Then Follow Instructions

*Links to local and long distance free directory assistance:


If you are on your phone and another call beeps you or if your phone rings 4 times and there’s no answer, the call will be forwarded to our Meridian voice mail system.

If you pick up your phone and hear a slow interrupted dial tone, you have voice mail messages. It is necessary to log in to your voice mailbox daily and delete your messages regularly.


1. Log In:

  • Dial 7776 (from on campus) or Dial (609) 921-7776 (from off campus)
  • Dial your 4 digit extension number and press #
  • Dial your 5 digit default password and press # (Your default password is 1+ your 4 digit extension number)

2.Change your password (For security reasons change your temporary password immediately)

  • Log in
  • Dial 84
  • Enter your new password and press # (Your password may be 6-16 digits or letters)
  • Enter your new password again and press #
  • To confirm the change, enter your default password (your extension number) and press #

3. Record your name (personal verification)

  • Log in
  • Dial 89
  • Dial 5 and state your full name and press #

4.Record your personal greeting

  • Log in
  • Dial 82
  • Dial 1 (for external) or Dial 2 (for internal) or Dial 3 (for temporary
  • Dial 5 and begin recording and press # to end recording

It is necessary to log in to your voice mailbox daily and delete your messages for optimum system use.

To Get Messages - Dial 2

To Delete Messages (You should delete messages as soon as possible) - Dial 76

To Send Messages (without logging in to voice mail)

  • Dial 8988 (from on campus) or Dial (609) 921-7100 + 8988 (from off campus)
  • Dial the mailbox number and press #


Keypad Commands
Skip Backward 1
Play 2
Skip Forward 3
Previous Message 4
Record 5
Next Message 6
Message Commands 7
Call Sender 9
Help *
Stop/Exit #

Message Commands
Reply 71
Play Envelope 72
Forward 73
Reply All 74
Compose 75
Delete/Restore 76
Send 79
Message Help 7*
Message Options 70
Cancel/Exit 7#

Mailbox Commands
Log in 81
Greetings 82
Log Off 83
Password Change 84
Distribution Lists 85
Go to a Message 86
Personal Verification 89
Mailbox Help 8*
Mailbox Options 80
Cancel/Exit 8#



Call Waiting (To answer a second call while on an established call)

  • Ask first party to hold and depress the phone/flash key once to answer the second call or
  • Hang up from the first call and the second call will ring through or
  • Ignore the second call and after four rings, it will go to voice mail.

To alternate between calls:

  • Depress the phone/flash key (alternating may not be available on some portable phones).

Note: you cannot transfer or conference either call.

To Deactivate Call Waiting

  • Dial *72

To Activate Call Waiting

  • Dial *71

3-Way Calling (To add a third party to your conversation)

  • Ask party to hold.
  • Depress phone/flash key.
  • Dial 4 digit extension.
  • When the called party answers, depress phone/flash.
  • If busy or no answer, depress phone/flash key.

Note: It is necessary to hang up for three seconds before placing another call to avoid excessive billing.

Call Hold (To put a call on hold)

  • Ask party to hold.
  • Depress phone/flash key.
  • Dial #4.
  • To return to held call, depress phone/flash key.

Call Forwarding (To send your calls to another extension or to voice mail)

  • Dial #1.
  • Dial 4 digit extension number and hang up.

To Deactivate Call Forwarding

  • Dial #1.(You will hear a confirmation tone.)

Last Number Dialed (To redial the last number you called)

  • Dial *52*

Malicious Call Trace (To trace harassing phone calls)

  • While on the live call:
  • Depress phone/flash key.
  • Dial *33. (You will hear a tone)
  • Hang up.
  • Call 7777 (Security emergency) to report incident.

It is a crime under both state and federal laws for anyone to make obscene or harassing telephone calls. These laws have penalties of imprisonment and/or a fine.