Feature Operations

To Transfer a Call

  1. Press transfer
  2. Dial extension
  3. Announce to transferee
  4. Press Transfer/Connect key
    To get calling party back at any time, press the line (extension) key

Conferencing (To add additional parties to your conversation)

  1. Ask party to hold
  2. Press Conference key
  3. Dial 4 digit extension for next conferee
  4. When the called party answers, press Conference/Connect key to join all callers
  5. If busy or no answer, press original line key
    Note: up to six conferees possible

Call Hold (To put a call on hold)

  1. Ask party to hold
  2. Press Hold key
    To return to held call, press line key

Call Forwarding (To send your calls to another extension)

  1. Press Forward key
  2. Dial 4 digit extension number press Forward again
  3. To deactivate, press Forward

Call Pickup (To answer another phone in your area)

  • Press pickup key

To Store Speed Call number

  1. Press Speed Call
  2. Enter recall code (1 digit)
  3. Enter number to be dialed (including access code(s) if necessary)
  4. Press Speed Call to save

Speed Call

  • Press Speed Call + recall code

Last Number Dialed (To redial the last number you called)

  • Press line key last used twice

Malicious Call Trace (To trace harassing phone calls)

While on the live call:

  1. Depress Transfer
  2. Dial *33 (You will hear a tone)
  3. Hang up
  4. Call x7777 (Security emergency) to report incident


  • On/Inter-Campus: Dial 4 digits
  • Local: Dial 9 + 7 digit number
  • Long Distance: Dial 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digit number
  • International: Dial 9 + 011 + number


Telephone Repair

  • Dial 3000 (from on campus)
  • Dial (609) 219-3000 (from off campus)


  • Public Safety - Dial x7777
  • Police - Dial 9+911


If you are on a call or if your phone rings 4 times with no answer, the call will be forwarded to the Meridian voice mail system. The red light means you have messages. Since this is a computer system, you must log in as you would with any computer to get your messages.

To Login

  1. To access Lawrenceville voice mail from either campus:
    • Dial x4000, or dial (609) 219-4000 (from off campus)
    • To access Westminster voice mail from either campus: Dial x7776 , or dial (609) 921-7776 (from off campus)
    • Or press Message key (from either campus)
  2. To login, dial your 4 digit extension and press # (or simply # from your own phone)
  3. Dial your password and press # (Your temporary password is your 4 digit extension number)
  4. Follow the prompts

To play Messages

  • Press 2

To Delete Messages (You should delete messages as soon as possible)

  • Press 76

To change your password (For security reasons you should change your temporary password immediately)

  1. Log into Meridian Mail
  2. Press 84
  3. Enter your new password and press # (Your password may be 6-16 digits/numbers)
  4. Enter your new password again and press #
  5. To confirm the change, enter your old password and press #
    Your password has been changed

To record your name (personal verification)

  1. Log into Meridian Mail
  2. Dial 89
  3. Dial 5 and state your full name and press #

To record your personal greeting

  1. Log into Meridian Mail
  2. Dial 82
  3. Dial 1 (for external greeting) or Dial 2 (for internal greeting) (Note: external greeting will serve for both.) or 3 (for temporary greeting)
  4. Dial 5 and begin recording and press # when finished. For a temporary greeting, dial 9 to set the expiration date

To send a message via Express Messaging (directly into the recipient’s mailbox, without logging in to voice mail)

  1. To Lawrenceville: Dial x4988 (or 609-219-4988 from off-campus)
    To Westminster: Dial x 8988 (or 609-921-7100 x8988 from off-campus)
  2. At the prompt, dial the receiving mailbox number and press #.

To transfer a live call to a voice mail box

  1. Press Transfer key
  2. Dail x4988 (Lawrenceville) or x8988 (Westminster).
  3. At the prompt, dail the desired voice mail box and press # and the Transfer key.

To forward a voice mail message to another voice mail box

  1. Dail 73
  2. Dail receiving voice mail box number + # + # again.
  3. Dial 5 to begin recording, to leave a cover message if desired.
  4. Press # to end recording.
  5. Dial 79 to complete the forward.

To forward all calls immediately to your voice mail box:

  1. Press the Forward button.
  2. Press the Message button.
  3. Press the Forward button again.

Telecommunication Relay Service

  • Dial 9+711


Keypad Commands
Skip Backward 1
Play 2
Skip Forward 3
Previous Message 4
Record 5
Next Message 6
Message Commands 7
Call Sender 9
Help *
Stop/Exit #

Message Commands
Reply 71
Play Envelope 72
Forward 73
Reply All 74
Compose 75
Delete/Restore 76
Send 79
Message Help 7*
Message Options 70
Cancel/Exit 7#

Mailbox Commands
Log in 81
Greetings 82
Log Off 83
Password Change 84
Distribution Lists 85
Go to a Message 86
Personal Verification 89
Mailbox Help 8*
Mailbox Options 80
Cancel/Exit 8#