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Please note that as of July 2012, Rider’s cable TV system will only offer digital channels. With the proper equipment, you will be able to receive numerous digital cable channels. The old standard cable TV channels will have been removed by our cable TV supplier, Comcast.  These channels will be available in a digital format.  It is very important to read the following details in order to receive digital TV channels so you can take advantage of the wide programming choices available.

How to Connect:
All residence hall rooms have one cable television outlet which resembles the “antenna or cable” input on the back of your television. You will need to purchase a 75 ohm coaxial cable to connect your television to the outlet. There are 2 types, "screw-on" and "push-on". Either will work, but "screw-on" is highly recommended for better reception. They are available in most stores that carry electronics. We recommend heavier coaxial cable (RG-6) for better picture quality as well as a length of 15 to 25 feet to reach most areas of your dorm room. Be careful not to bend the center copper pin on either end of your cable when connecting them. Please note that we encourage you not to use a splitter. Use of a splitter could compromise the TV signal and cause reception issues.

Standard Cable TV Service:
If you have a standard (non digital or non Hi Definition) television that is cable ready, you will not be able to receive the cable channel lineup listed on the OIT Media Services website. All older TVs that are cable ready will not be capable of receiving  cable TV service. A newer TV with a QAM tuner will be needed to view channels.

Digital Cable TV Service:
Rider University offers digital cable TV channels which are listed on the OIT Media Services website (above). There are a few commercial free movie networks like Movieplex, Indiplex, a series of Encore movie channels as well as IFC and Sundance and an abundance of sports channels.  In order to take advantage of these new offerings, you will need to have a digital television equipped with “QAM” or “Clear QAM” tuner to receive digital programs. High Definition channels require a TV with QAM and HD Ready capability.  Only networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC will be available in HD.

Installing Your Television:
For most TVs, when initially plugging in the power cord and connecting the coaxial cable to the cable television outlet, it will need to be told to "search" for available channels. Consult your TV manual to find out how your model television can be programmed. Most TVs will need to be set up with the “Cable TV” or “Digital Cable” as the program source. After setting this parameter, you will use the “scan” or “learn” feature to scan for available channels. We highly suggest that you perform the scanning process at least once a month since our cable provider may move or add channels at any time. Of course if you get stuck or need general assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk at or call 609-896-5000 x3000.

Other Methods for Digital Service:
There are other methods that will allow you to use your older TV or even your computer for receiving digital channels. You can use a DVD recorder that has a built in QAM tuner that can pass digital channels to your older television. There are other options like a PC TV Tuner card with QAM tuning or an external USB 2.0 tuner with QAM tuning that can be used with your computer.  If the computer option is chosen, be sure that the hardware you purchase has software included which will allow you to watch TV on your computer.