Rider University has a partnership with technology vendors that provide the University community with the ability to purchase software and laptops at discounted prices through our agreement with Dell, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe.

If you already have a laptop and want to continue using it at Rider University, please be aware of our required minimum specifications below.

Note: Students enrolled in the College of Business Administration Accounting and Information Systems degree programs are required to have a laptop computer in order to complete specific course requirements.

Minimum requirements for both Windows and Apple Laptops

Processor Speed 2.0 GHz Processor AMD or Intel Core 2 Duo
Operating System Windows 7 or OS X - Leopard
Memory/RAM 2 GB
Hard Drive 80 GB
CD/DVD Drive 12X CDRW/DVD or SuperDrive 4x
Connectivity Ethernet card with wireless access or Airport Extreme Card
Software Microsoft Office Professional 2007