Rooms 316 and 317 each contain a suite of technology for face-to-face and distance education. Teachers can present information using:

  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Document Camera (3D and document projection)
  • Macintosh Intel Core 2 Duo running both Mac OS X and Windows XP
  • All connected to a ceiling mounted projector

In the Faculty Lounge, Room 309, teachers can create presentations using the following:

  • E-mac running OS X 10.3 with editing software for video, text, images, sound
    • dual deck VCR for editing video
    • mini-DV player recorder for editing video on computer
    • scanner for scanning images and text onto computer

Students can investigate problems using:

  • Wireless laptops (24 iBook computers with OS X)
  • ProScope digital microscopes
  • Vernier Probeware
  • Various lab equipment and manipulatives

The class can connect to outside resources such as foreign scholars, museums, academic institutes, and conduct virtual face-to-face meetings using the Wimba collaborative learning software accessible through the Blackboard Course Management System. The iSight cameras and built-in microphones allow the computer user to be seen and heard by remote audience. This collaborative learning softward allows the distant site to see and hear everything the local students see and hear, i.e., whatever is occuring on the computer, document camera, vcr, , dvd, and iSight camera. Classes can be shared over the Internet in real time for colleagues or students at other locations who have only a browser. They can also be recorded, archived, and streamed over the Internet allowing students to review classes repeatedly or just see a class that was missed. The Wimba collaborative learning software is available to all faculty from any Internet-connected computer through the Blackboard CMS.