Learn how to prevent alcohol poisoning, recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning, and how to respond in the event that someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Red Watch Band Training is a 1.5 hour training program designed to provide students with “the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect.”

The program was designed at Stonybrook University and has been utilized at Rider University in the past with success. The program involves education surrounding binge drinking behavior, alcohol poisoning symptoms, and role plays which promote competence in the management of alcohol poisoning (e.g., what to do if someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning).

The program also includes “Family & Friends” CPR training provided by Rider's Director of Student Health.

At the conclusion of this program, students will receive certificates and red watches signifying their completion of all components of this educational opportunity.

Groups must have at least 10 members and no more than 20. This program can be scheduled at any time. Simply contact Susan Stahley at [email protected] or ext. 5721. Thank you.