Secondary Piano Placement Hearings

All undergraduate primary voice students are required to take secondary piano and must participate in these hearings. No specific preparation is required before coming to Westminster, but those wishing to do so may prepare one piece for presentation to the faculty.  If students have studied in the past, they are encouraged to bring in piano pieces and/or vocal accompaniments already prepared.

At the hearing, students will be asked to describe their piano experience, and to demonstrate their level of facility at the piano. The hearing may include playing a piece, sight reading, or, if a student has no previous training, playing by ear or just answering some questions. The hearing will last no more than ten minutes. For all students, the hearing will be used to determine which piano class the student is to take during the academic year.  Piano classes are grouped by ability and experience levels.

Please direct any questions to:

James Goldsworthy
Piano and Voice Department