Canvas Notes

January 2014

Assignments: Hide Turnitin Score from Students
When creating a new assignment with Turnitin, instructors can choose that students never see their Turnitin score and originality report.

Conferences: Notify Users of Recorded Sessions
When a user joins a recorded conference, the Chat log’s welcome message notifies the user that the conference is being recorded. 

Grades: Student Summary Details
Canvas updated its Student Grades Summary page to improve accessibility within the grade details. This update also resulted in a small but functional design change. When viewing the details for each assignment, whether by clicking the Show All Details button or expanding each assignment individually, the score details, rubric details, and assignment comments appear within a box for each respective area. Additionally, the Score Details also displays the mean, high, and low score for the assignment based on grades from the entire class. 

New Conversations
Users can select multiple messages within Conversations. To select multiple messages, click the command button (Mac) or the control button (Windows) while clicking each message you want to select. You can also use the same key command to deselect a message. When multiple messages are selected, the right panel displays a multiple conversations message, and users can archive, delete, mark messages as read or unread, or star or unstar multiple messages.

December 2013

Groups Redesign
The new Group page design more closely aligns with the look and feel of other pages within Canvas. Creating groups within a group set is more intuitive with the new Group and Group Set buttons. Within the Unassigned Students menu, instructors can select the add icon next to a student’s name and move them to a specific group without having to drag and drop them into a group farther down the page. For detailed information, check out the guides.

Quizzes Updates
Canvas has updated the Quizzes interface for a more user-friendly experience; now you don’t have to guess which quiz options are related when they're expanded. When instructors allow students to see their quiz responses, they also have the option to let students see the correct answers, create a date range in the Show/Hide date fields, or display the answers indefinitely by not entering a Hide date (Let Students See the Correct Answers).

Calendar 2: Agenda View
Within Calendar 2, Canvas users can view their calendar events and assignments in Agenda View. Similar to the Syllabus, Agenda View lists all calendar items within a range of dates.

Gradebook Updates
Instructors are now able to resize frozen columns like the student name column in Gradebook 2. Additionally, assignment column resizing is sticky and will remain set when your browser window is refreshed. Stickiness is browser-specific and resizing of frozen columns is not yet sticky but will be updated in a future release.

November 2013

Conference archiving

The conference tool in Canvas allows faculty and students to meet synchronously online and video chat, text chat, share documents, and share their desktop. Recently Instructure, and their partner, Blindside Networks added the ability to record these sessions. 

Recorded sessions are available for 14 days after the session has ended.

 For more information, check out this guide.

Grade One Quiz Question at a Time in SpeedGrader™ 

In the speed grader your can grade a quiz per student. Now you can opt to grade by question instead. This is an optional beta feature for faculty to try out. 

To turn on grading by question, click on the settings button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Quiz Regrade

If you accidentally publish a quiz with a question that is set to a wrong answer you can now correct the quiz and retroactively grade student responses. For detailed information, check out the guides. 

How do I regrade a Quiz?

New Conversations Beta

Canvas currently has a new beta version of its conversations tool available for anyone to try. It provides features such as subject lines, and a cleaner user interface along with other new features.

The new conversations is an opt in feature currently which you can try out, and leave as needed.

To check out the new conversations, click the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the conversations window.

Click the question mark again to switch back to the old view:

For more information, check out the guides.

August 2013

Attendance (Roll Call)
The Attendance tool makes recording who is present in your class fast and easy with a list view and a drag-and-drop seating chart. For detailed information, check out the guides.

The Chat tool in Canvas allows students and teachers to interact in real time. Chat makes it easy to communicate with your students in real time, all in one place. Please note that chat comments cannot be deleted.

If instructors do not want to use Chat as part of their course, they can customize their course navigation links to hide Chat.