About Vacation Accruals

Note: The maximum accruals will change effective July 1, 2013.  Click here for details.

Vacation time is earned as you work, at a rate which corresponds to your job classification and to the length of time you have worked at Rider. The University expects and encourages employees to take vacation time in the year it is earned. Everyone needs a break from hard work, and taking time off results in personal refreshment for the employee and renewed enthusiasm and productivity for the University.

The maximum amount of vacation time that can be accrued varies from 100 hours to 320 hours, depending on your job classification and length of service. You can tell how much time you have available from your paystub or from the recap sheet you initial for each payroll.

The table below shows the amount of vacation full-time employees earn in each pay-period based on their maximum accrual amount and payroll cycle.  If you are a part-time salaried employee, your period accrual and maximum accrual are prorated based on the percentage of full-time schedule you work:



if you get this much time each year paid by the hour
per hour
paid biweekly
40-hr week
paid semi-monthly paid monthly
two weeks
maximum accrual

.038 hours
100 hours PT
160 hours FT

3.08 hours
160 hours
3.13 hours
150 hours
three weeks
maximum accrual
.058 hours
150 hours PT
240 hours FT
4.62 hours
240 hours
4.69 hours
225 hours
four weeks
maximum accrual
.077 hours
200 hours  PT
320 hours FT
6.16 hours
320 hours
6.25 hours
300 hours
12.50 hours
300 hours*

* Maximum carryover for 12-month coaches is 150 hours.

If you have questions about your vacation carryovers, please call the HRIS office: Dave Perry, x7280, or Sue Hewins, x 7281.