The amount of vacation time you accrue each month will remain unchanged, but the cap or limit on the amount of vacation accrual was reduced from 2 times the annual hours you receive to 1.83 times on July 1, 2013.  On July 1, 2014 the cap was reduced to 1.50 times the annual accrual and December 31, 2014, the cap will become 1.33 times as indicated on the following schedule:

if you get this much time each year paid by the hour
per hour
paid biweekly
40-hr week
paid semi-monthly paid monthly
two weeks
maximum accrual
.038 hours
66.50 hours
3.08 hours
107 hours
3.13 hours
100 hours
three weeks
maximum accrual
.058 hours
100.48 hours
4.62 hours
160 hours
4.69 hours
150 hours
four weeks
maximum accrual
.077 hours
133 hours
6.16 hours
213 hours
6.25 hours
200 hours
12.50 hours
200 hours

If you have questions about your vacation accruals, please call the HRIS office: Diane Salita, x7280, or Sue Hewins, x 7281.