Staff New Hires
  1. Employment materials -- Required for electronic accesses. On or prior to your first day, go to the Human Resources Office in Moore Library, room 108, ground level, and fill out forms required for employment.  Westminster new hires may do this at the Academic Coordinator's office on the first floor in Williamson Hall. The forms include the I-9, the W-4 , and the Employee Data Sheet .  The I-9 requires that certain documentation be shown; please check the form via the link for details.

  2. Orientation -- The Human Resources Office will inform you of the date you have been scheduled for your employee orientation. These required all-day sessions are held twice a month, and cover employee benefits, fire safety, payroll procedures, credit unions, policies and procedures, and security.

  3. Electronic access -- E-mail accounts, calendar accounts and other electronic tools are managed through a centralized authentication system called EasyPass.  You will be registered in the EasyPass system within two days after employment.  E-mail accounts are set up automatically; ; you can retrieve your account-name from the online directory.  If your department participates in the Calendar system (Rider's automated system for keeping personal and department calendars), you will be issued a Calendar account following the establishment of your EasyPass account; the login will be the same.  For help with electronic accesses, call the Help Desk at x3000 (609-219-3000).

  4. ID card -- Your official University Identification card, which is issued by the Office of Residence Life in the Bart Luedeke Center room 137, or by the Dean of Students Office at Westminster, allows you access to staff parking, to library services, and to other campus buildings. The ID card will be issued as soon as the pre-employment forms are completed and the EasyPass account is established. It's a photo ID and you must appear in person.

  5. Campus phone system -- Your hiring department will make arrangements to establish your phone and voice-mail accounts. The voice department of OIT will call you to set up telephone and voice-mail training. For on-campus help with phone problems call x3000 (609-219-3000).

  6. Campus directory -- The most up-to-date directory information is online at