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September 2016

15 Years
Kelly Bidle, Biology
Shannon Daly, Athletics
Stefan Dombrowski, Graduate Education, Leadership, and Counseling
Stephanie Golski, Psychology
Mary Haywood-Sullivan, Accounting
Peter Hester, Teacher Education
Kenneth Kauffman, Talbott Library
Keith Kemo, Community Standards
Victoria McLaughlin, Campus Activities
Kathleen Pierce, Graduate Education, Leadership, and Counseling
Edward Weber, Biology

10 Years
Scott Alboum, Communications
Melissa Anderson, Conservatory
Nadia Ansary, Psychology
Kevin Baggett, Athletics
Gregory Busch, Athletics
Patricia Dawson, Moore LIbrary
John Donovan, Management, Human Resources, and Entrepreneurial Studies
Tracey Garrett, Teacher Education
Malavika Godbole, Conservatory
Betsy Hallinger, SSS
Mickey Hess, English
Tamar Jacobson, Teacher Education
Fang Li, Accounting
Randolph McConnell, Facilities
Aaron Moore, Communications
Stephane Natan, Foreign Language and Literature
Dezheng Ping, Conservatory
Elaine Scorpio, Psychology
Christine Zelenak, President's Office

5 Years
Kimberly Algeo, Center for International Education
Shane Conto, Student Success Center
Ivan Fuller, Theater and Dance
Al Holcomb, Music Education
Sheena Howard, Communications
Terra Joseph, English
Amy Kimura, Talbott Library
Julia Kovalev, Conservatory