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Document / Form Description
FAFSA The world of financial aid can seem vast and complicated. While the staff in the Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping you maximize the financial aid available to you, you must begin the financial aid process by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. There is no charge to complete this form.

You should apply for financial aid every year by completing the FAFSA form - even if you don’t think you qualify. A change in family financial circumstances might affect your eligibility for student aid.

Rider Financial Worksheet Download the Financial Worksheet to estimate your Rider University bill and help you determine your college financing strategy.
Parent PLUS Loan Request Form If you are borrowing a Parent PLUS loan, you MUST complete a request form and return it to our office.
Download Parent PLUS Loan Request Form – 2015/2016 (.pdf)
Parent PLUS Loan Worksheet Download the Parent PLUS Loan Worksheet to help you determine the amount of PLUS loan you should borrow.
Graduate Information Sheet All graduate students MUST complete a Graduate Information Sheet in addition to the FAFSA in order to be reviewed for financial aid. Please select the appropriate Graduate Information Sheet according to your program's location: LAW (Lawrenceville) Graduate Information Sheet or WCC (Princeton) Graduate Information Sheet.
Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form If you are borrowing a Graduate PLUS loan, you MUST complete a request form and return to our office.
Download Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form - 2015/2016 (.pdf)
Financial Aid Reference Guide Download A Reference Guide to Financing Your Education that will answer more questions about financial aid.
Quality Assurance Verification Document If requested please fill out and return the Quality Assurance Verification Document along with all accompanying documentation.
Some Options for Supplemental Borrowing Download the reference sheet containing summary information about various student loan options.
Endowed Scholarship Application If you would like to be considered for Endowed Scholarships you must fill out this application and return to the Office of Financial Aid.
*This application is for sophomore, junior, and senior level students only.
Stewardship Letter Download the Stewardship Letter Instructions and Guidelines
Summer Financial Aid Application If you are planning on taking classes in the summer then you must fill out the 2015 Summer Aid Application.
College of Continuing Studies Financial Aid Application All College of Continuing Studies students MUST complete a CCS Financial Aid Application, in addition to the FAFSA, in order to be reviewed for financial aid.
Athletic Aid Agreement  All students who receive an Athletic Scholarship must sign the Athletic Aid Agreement and agree to the stated terms. Please indicate your acceptance by signing the certification statement and return it to the Office of Financial Aid.  Your award will not take effect until we receive your signed certification statement.
Perkins MPN All students who receive an Perkins Loan must sign the Master Promissory Note and agree to the stated terms.
Authorization to Hold a Student Aid Credit Balance If you want to retain a credit on your student account to cover future charges, rather than receiving a refund check, you must sign and return the authorization to hold a student aid credit balance form.