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Athletic Scholarships
As an NCAA Division I school, student athletes at Rider may be awarded scholarships based on athletic ability in one of Rider's 20 intercollegiate sports. Awarded athletic scholarships must comply with NCAA regulations. Student athletes are required to complete the FAFSA annually. Interested students should contact the athletics department at 609-896-5054 for the appropriate coach's name and telephone extension or visit

Community Scholars/ Bonner Leaders
This service-based scholarship program provides education awards based on the amount of hours served on a community service project. Admitted students with significant community service experience during high school are invited to apply.

For more details regarding the Rider Community Scholars/Bonner Leaders program, visit the Community Scholars/Bonner Leaders Program website.

For information about community service at Rider University, visit the community service website.

The Rider Advantage
This program rewards academic performance and student leadership with a generous incentive grant that helps bridge the tuition gap between your first and second year of college. The grant is awarded in addition to other financial aid and scholarship awards that you may receive, regardless of need.

Legacy Award
The Legacy Award is provided to all students who are the child, grandchild or sibling of a Rider graduate. Qualified students receive a $2,000 grant that is renewable for up to four years of study at Rider University. The policy to maintain the Legacy Award is outlined on the application. Please note that if Legacy Award appears on your financial aid award letter, you do not need to complete the application. However, students must maintain the eligibility requirements outlined on the Legacy Award Policy/Application form.

Sibling Grant
These grants are available to any new full-time undergraduate student enrolling at Rider University who has a sibling currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate at Rider. Sibling grants awarded to each additional sibling for each semester in which multiple siblings are enrolled. Enrolling siblings must complete the Sibling Application and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid.

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
The Charlotte W. Newcombe scholarship is awarded to mature second career women who are degree candidates and have completed half of their baccalaureate program. Learn more about the Newcombe Foundation at
The Fall 2017 application for the Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship will be available in late March.