The Tuition Payment Plan is a 10 month interest free payment plan for undergraduate full-time students at Rider University. If you are a graduate student or enrolled in the College of Continuing Studies (CCS) you may participate in Rider University's payment plan which is payable over three months per semester.

Full-Time, undergraduate students interested in the 10 month payment plan can log on to the Tuition Payment Plan. The Tuition Payment Plan program offered by Rider University is not guaranteed to be available at every institution. You must inquire about payment plans at each institution.

Please note that the Tuition Payment Plan begins in June of each year.

About the Tuition Payment Plan

Tuition Payment Plan is a monthly plan that provides interest-free monthly installments. It works well for families who can't afford the entire tuition bill at one time, or those who want to hold on to their interest-earning savings a little longer.

Here's how it works.
Most schools send out tuition bills that cover the entire term and are due in full. Tuition Payment Plan takes your bill and splits it into smaller amounts, payable over a number of months. You still owe the same amount of tuition, but you now have more time to pay and your payments are much smaller.

How does it make tuition more affordable?
First, it's interest-free and gives you longer to pay. Once your bill is stretched into interest-free installments, the need to borrow is minimized or eliminated. Borrowing less means you pay less interest—which can add up to great savings.

Second, the extended payment term lets you hold on to your interest-earning savings longer.
Instead of handing over all your savings at one time, you can pay monthly and continue to earn interest on what's left in the bank.

How much do I have to pay each month?
That's up to you. Payments can be stretched over 10 months.

Here's an example.
Let's say you owe $12,000 in tuition. Dividing the total bill by the number of months you have to pay gives you 10 monthly installments of $1,200 each.

Can't afford to pay that much?
Keep in mind that you don't have to pay the entire bill with the Tuition Payment Plan. If needed, additional loan options are available to cover any amount that your current income and savings can't cover.