Housing and Dining Rates

Housing and Dining Rates for the 2014-2015 Academic Year


Housing Options – Lawrenceville* Semester
Double $4,285
Double with Air Conditioning (Switlik) $4,680
Double as Single $5,600
2-Person Double Bedroom Apartment (Gee, Hill, Kroner, Poyda, Switlik, Wright)$5,120
Lincoln Suite (3 Bedrooms suites, no living room) $4,910
Greek Double (DPE, ZTA) $4,810
Greek Double with Air Conditioning (AXD) $4,950
2 Double Bedroom Suites without Living Room (1st Floor Pod in Hill & Ziegler) $4,910
2 Double Bedroom Suites with Living Room (2nd & 3rd Floor Pod Suites in Hill & Ziegler) $5,120
Premium Double (West Village, Moore) $5,120
4 Single Bedroom Apartments (Moore & West Village) $5,685
RA Single Suite $4,285
3 & 4 Single Bedroom Suites (Pods in Kroner, Olson, Gee, Wright, and Moore) $5,335
Double Bedroom Apartment (Moore Hall) $5,335
4 Single Bedroom Suites (West Village) $5,335
Housing Fees
Advance Room Deposits
(spring only for fall term)
Housing Options – Princeton*
Double as Single
* A $170 Resident Technology Fee is included in the room rate. This amount funds technology expenditures for voice, video and data services in residence rooms.

For more information on Housing at Rider University, visit the Housing Web site at www.rider.edu/housing

Meal Plans – Both Campuses

Meal Plan Semester
Fall or Spring - 14 Meal Plan $2,380
Fall or Spring Carte Blanche $2,380
Fall or Spring Carte Blanche plus meals $2,460
For information on meal plan details visit Rider University Dining Services at: http://rider.campusdish.com/