Scholarships for Transfer Students for the 2014 Academic Year

Students do not have to apply for scholarships; they are automatically awarded if eligible.

DescriptionTotal AmountTransfer GPA Required
$16,000 Transfer Scholarship + PTK$17,5003.50-4.0
$16,000 Transfer Scholarship$16,0003.50-4.0
$14,000 Transfer Scholarship + PTK$15,5003.00-3.49
$14,000 Transfer Scholarship$14,0003.00-3.49
$12,000 Transfer Scholarship + PTK$13,5002.75-2.99
$12,000 Transfer Scholarship$12,0002.75-2.99
$10,000 Transfer Scholarship + PTK$11,5002.50-2.74
$10,000 Transfer Scholarship$10,0002.50-2.74

To be considered for one of our transfer academic scholarships, you must:

  • Submit a completed application for admission by December 1 for Spring term admission and April 1 for Fall term admission, include fee, essay, one letter of recommendation and all official transcripts;

  • Be regularly admissible to the University as a full-time student;

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale, based on all college level work;

  • Have completed at least 12 credits of coursework at the college level

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Maintaining Your Scholarship
All scholarships are renewable as long as the student maintains the required cumulative GPA at Rider specified in the acceptance letter and enrolls in 12 or more credits per semester.