Purchase Orders
  • Purchase orders are required for all purchases of $1,000 or more prior to any commitment to a vendor for purchases or services.
  • Purchase orders are not required for "inside" vendors such as Aramark, Collegiate Press or the University Store.
  • Purchases of less than $1,000 do not require a purchase order unless the vendor requests it.
  • To complete the purchase order, clearly fill in the name and address of the vendor on the top left side of the form. Typing is preferred. However, if the purchase order is hand written, please press down so that the fourth copy can be read.
  • Please indicate on the right side of the form the department and the person to whom the item should be shipped and billed.
  • In the description box, please be as specific as you can with regard to the item(s) being ordered. Please provide any backup that you think would be helpful (i.e., quote from the vendor).
  • Indicate at the lower portion of the form which budget account is to be charged and have the appropriate signature. Also check off whether you wish to have the purchase order mailed to the vendor or back to the department. If no box is checked, we will assume you want it to go to the vendor. Any other instructions can be indicated here.
  • A purchase order cannot be used to generate a check. All checks are generated by submission of either an invoice or a check request. Upon receipt of an invoice, please be sure the purchase order number, account number and subcode to be charged are indicated on the invoice. In addition, please indicate whether or not this is a final payment.
  • If you do not have an invoice (as may be the case for an advance or deposit) please complete a check request and indicate the purchase order number on the check request. If the check request is made payable to yourself, please have a supervisor sign off on it.