Early Adopter List

    Please feel free to contact anyone from the early adopter list to assist with questions related to the Google Apps migration.  
    Visit directory.rider.edu for contact information unless otherwise noted.

    (* denotes Google App project team members)

    1. Wilda Bleakley
    2. Beverly Braddock
    3. Kathy Burd
    4. Helen Carroll
    5. Diane Carter
    6. Michael Civitillo
    7. Ann DiFranchi
    8. Elaine Drozd
    9. Michelle Elberson
    10. Tim Fairlie* (project lead)
    11. Lisa Fiorello
    12. Sue Fournell*
    13. Jan Friedman-Krupnick
    14. Linda Gold
    15. Eva Gronikowski
    16. Adam Grybowski*
    17. Kelly Hoffmann
    18. Fred W. Housel
    19. Theresa Hvisdock*
    20. Beth Hunter*
    21. Jon Jones
    22. Carol Kondrach*
    23. Daniel Che Kwang
    24. Maureen Kyle
    25. Tara Laposa* (tlaposa@rider.edu | 718-702-9342)
    26. Dayne Lewis
    27. Richard Meyers
    28. Sandy Ober
    29. Brian Piel
    30. Monica Pollich
    31. David Reynolds
    32. Diane Salita
    33. Adam M. Schwartz*
    34. Robert Schwarz
    35. Judy Simmons
    36. Michele Sochalski
    37. Paul Smith
    38. Ricardo Stella*
    39. Bruce Sommons
    40. Peter Tamuzza
    41. Matt Wade
    42. David Weise
    43. Margaret Young
    44. Christine Zelenak
    45. Bill Zimmer


    Google Apps Home
    Training schedule 
    Student Transition, July 2

    Frequently asked questions
    How to guides
    Early adopter list

    Key Dates

    July 2, after 10 p.m.
    Students mail will be switched to Google.
    Note: Students existing e-mail will be migrated over to the new Google service

    June - July 23
    Staff will be trained and transitioned to Google.
    Note:  All staff who have not attended training will be switched over after 10 p.m. on July 23.

    July 23, after 10 p.m.
    All staff will be switched to Google.  Faculty who have chosen to opt out of training will also be migrated.

    June - Fall
    Date to be determined
    Faculty will be trained and transitioned to Google. 

    July 31
    Google Calendar becomes the official calendar.


    As of June 11, early adopters have been trained and transitioned to Google Apps

    Rider employees will be contacted by e-mail with registration information. 

    Training schedule now available


    Phone: 609-219-3000
    On campus: ext. 3000
    E-mail: helpdesk@rider.edu


    How to sign in with multiple accounts (video)

    Gmail Keyboard shortcuts
    Type, Shift + ? to see a complete list