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Mall Kiil

Music is a powerful therapeutic tool. Current scientific research supports this claim. And this principal is the very foundation of Mall Kiil’s current work as a music therapist.

Mall has a Masters Degree in Music Therapy from New York University as well as Board Certification from the national Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). Mall is also a New Jersey Certified Music Teacher as well as a NJ Certified Special Education Teacher.

Mall’s strong interest in the human psyche and in the role music plays in our personal and social development led to a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Duke University with a major in the social sciences and a strong concentration of music history and music theory courses.

Putting her convictions about music’s importance in our personal lives to practical use, Mall taught for 25 years at The Forum School in Waldwick, NJ, a school for special needs, autistic and Asperger syndrome youngsters. There she initiated, developed and directed a music program for the school. Using a pedagogical strategy that focused on multi-sensory and child-centered approaches, the music program was able to successfully involve high as well as low-functioning students. Using their voices, playing instruments and creating in the music room brought joy to the students and also helped create significant positive changes in their growth and development. Music enabled them to express themselves and to communicate. Music raised their self-esteem and their motivation to excel in other areas of their lives as well.

This work led to further specialization and research at the Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy at NYU where Mall studied with Clive Robbins, one of the great pioneers of music therapy work, and his staff of music therapists. While there, she worked with clients of various ages and disabilities and utilized various therapeutic interventions and improvisational techniques for achieving clinical goals.

Currently, Mall works as music therapist for several health organizations in the New York area and maintains a private practice for adults and children with varying challenges and difficulties. She also continues her work as accompanist, church pianist and choir director.