Program Director for Entrepreneurial Studies; Assistant Professor

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Department of Management

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2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
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Sweigart Hall 233

Dr. Zane is Program Director for Entrepreneurial Studies. He holds a BS from Rowan University in Management of Information Systems and a Ph.D. from Drexel University in Organization and Strategy. He teaches classes in entrepreneurship, small business management, business planning and corporate strategy. His research focuses on entrepreneurship (both individual entrepreneurs and their ventures), strategy and cognition. Prior to his academic career, Lee accumulated over 20 years of industry experience. Lee was also the founder and president of Zane & Associates, Inc., a software development company that developed, marketed and serviced a line of trust and estate accounting and tax products. Lee later sold the business to a division of Thomson, where he worked as a director for two years overseeing the transition. With regard to the EMBA capstone strategy class he teaches, Lee believes it should equip students to analyze companies’ strategies, structures, resources, and competitive environment in order to make well-reasoned and presented recommendations for top management.

Background Information

  • Doctor of Philosophy, 2011, Drexel University, Philadelphia. PA, Organization and Strategy: Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Magna Cum Laud
  • Bachelor’s of Science, 2005, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, Management Information Systems , Summa Cum Laude

Refereed Articles

  • Zane, L. J., Yamada, H., & Kurokawa, S. (in press, 2014). Strategic Maneuvering of Technological Factors and the Emergence of De Facto Standards. Journal of Small Business Strategy.
  • Zane, L. J. & Masterfano, M.K. (2013). Effect of Participation in Business Membership Organizations on the Size and Occupational Diversity of Entrepreneurs' Core Business Discussion Network. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 22 (2), 71-91.
  • Narayanan, V. K., Zane, L. J., & Kemmerer, B. (2011). The Cognitive Perspective in Strategy: An Integrative Review. Journal of Management, 37 (1), 305-351.

Refereed Proceedings

Full Paper

  • Zane, L. J. & Masterfano, M.K. (2012). Effect of Participation in Paid Membership Organizations on Entrepreneurs' Core Network Size and Heterogeneity. 26th Annual Meeting of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) (26), 226-242.

Book Chapters


  • Narayanan, V. K. & Zane, L. J. (2011). "Current Theoretical Debates in Management Research: Epitstemological Analysis in Strategic Management", In Press, In Cassell, C. and Lee, B. (Eds.) Challenges and Controversies in Management Research.

Presentation of Refereed Papers


  • Narayanan, V. K., Zane, L. J., & Miller, J. L. (2014, September). Entrepreneurial Cognition: A Methodological Review. British Academy of Management, Belfast, Ireland.
  • Zane, L. J., DiRenzo, M. S., & DeCarolis, D. M. (2014, August). The Influence of Cognitive Biases on Opportunity Cost and Value When Evaluating a New Venture. Academy of Management, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Zane, L. J. & DeCarolis, D. M. (2012). Founding Team Networks: Does Who You Know, and Who They Know, Get You What You Need? Academy of Management, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Zane, L. J. & Forster, W. (2010). What is an Opportunity Worth? Opportunity Value and the Decision to Venture. Academy of Management, Montreal, Canada.


  • Zane, L. J. & Masterfano, M.K. (2012). Effect of Participation in Paid Membership Organizations o Entrepreneur's Core network Size and Heterogeneity. USASBE Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Cunningham, Q. W., Resick, C. J. , DiRenzo, M. S. , Whitman, D. S. , Weingarden, S. M. , Zane, L. J., (2011). Leveraging Team Human Capital: Examining Role Compositions and Functional Leadership. 2011 INGRoup Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota.



  • 2013: Davis Fellowship Rider University
  • 2012: Summer Fellowship Rider University
  • 2011: Rider University Summer Fellowship.
  • 2009: Honorary Mention, Student Paper/Poster (Business Research Initiative). 'A Model of Entrepreneurial Competitive Moves: The Influence of Industry Context and Individual Factors.' ($300) Drexel University Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity Day.
  • 2008: Best Ph.D. Student Paper/Poster (Business Research Initiative). 'What Does Opportunity Value Mean to the Entrepreneur, and How Does it Influence Opportunity Pursuit?' ($500) Drexel University Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity Day.
  • 2008: Kauffman Doctoral Consortium Grant, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference.
  • 2007: Best Ph.D. Student Paper/Poster (Business Research Initiative) - 'An Examination of the Role of Opportunity Cost and Opportunity Value in New Venture Creation. ($500) Drexel University Research, Innovation, Scholarship & Creativity Day April 2007.
  • 2007: Outstanding PhD Student Instructor Award, 2007-2008 ($1,200) Drexel University.
  • 2006: Teaching Excellence Award - 2006-07 ($500) Drexel University.


  • 2014: Summer Fellowship Rider University
  • 2012: Sigma Iota Epsilon - The National Honorary and Professional Management Fraternity
  • 2011: Rider Advisor Appreciation Award.
  • 2010: 2010 Outstanding Paper Award to Narayanan, V.K., & Zane, L.J. for the paper, 'Inventing a Future for Strategic Leadership: Phenomenal Variety and Epistemic Opportunities.' Journal of Strategy and Management, 2(4) 2009. Emerald LiteratiNetwork.
  • 2007: Zane, L.J., DeCarolis, D.M., & DiRenzo, M.S. 'An Empirical Examination of the Role of Opportunity Cost and Opportunity Value in New Venture Creation.' presented at 2007 Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Madrid, Spain. SSRN's Top Ten download list (as of 1/17/08) for ERPN Conferences.
  • 2005: Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.
  • 2005: Golden Key International Honor Society.
  • 2005: New Jersey Collegiate Business Administration Association Honor Society (Top 1% of class).
  • 2005: Gold Medallion Award - Outstanding Business Student Rowan University.
  • 2004: Graduate School Scholarship finalist (Rowan University 2004 nominee) Truman Foundation.
  • 1997: Certificate of Appreciation from the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.
  • 1996: Designated an honorary faculty member of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute in order to give educational presentations to its members at its annual symposium. (11/96 and 11/98) Pennsylvania Bar Institute.