Background Information

  • Doctorate of Philosophy, 1974, University of Pittsburgh, Economics
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, 1970, St. Vincent College, Economics

Refereed Articles

  • McCall, C.W., Meric, G., Bentley, J., & Meric, I.  (2016).  A Comparison of the Financial Characteristics of U.S. and European Manufacturing Firms.  Studies in Business and Economics, 11(2), 58-67.
  • Meric, I., Nygren, L. M., Bentley, J. T., & McCall, C. W. (2015).  Co-Movements of U.S. and European Stock Markets Before and After the 2008 Global Stock Market Crash.   Studies in Business and Economics, 10 (2), 83-98.

Research Reports

  • 2014: Bentley, J. T., Analysis of Airline Pricing in the Persian Gulf., submitted to GRA, Inc.
  • 2013: Bentley, J. T., Statistical Analysis of Pilot Sick Rates., submitted to GRA, Inc.
  • 2012: Bentley, J. T., Benefits and Costs of Proposed Changes in DOT Regulations Regarding Transparency and Transactability of Ancillary Airline Fees., submitted to Interactive Travel Services Association for presentation to the U.S. Department of Transportation.