Dr. Gregory Herman has worked for the New Jersey Geological Survey (NJGS) since 1985 and currently is a Research Scientist in the Survey's Geoscience Research and Support Section, a position he has held since 1996. Greg received his doctorate in the Geological Sciences from Rutgers University in 1997 where his thesis research involved detailed structural analyses of exposed pre-Cretaceous bedrock in New Jersey and the surrounding region. Greg's subsequent work for the NJGS has focused on the structures, tectonics, and evolution of various geologic terranes exposed in New Jersey, particularly the Mesozoic Newark Rift Basin and the Precambrian New Jersey Highlands. He also has been involved in investigating the structures and geology of various aquifer systems located in New Jersey. In addition to Rider, Greg has been an Adjunct Professor at The College of New Jersey.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • Structural Geology Lecture
  • Structural Geology Lab

Selected Publication Titles and Sources

  • Structure of the CAMP bodies and positive Bouger gravity anomalies of the New York Recess. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Meeting of the Geological Association of New Jersey.
  • The nature of Silurian molasse and the Taconic unconformity in the Green Pond syncline, New Jersey-New York, USA. Guidebook for the 77th Annual Field Conference of Pennsylvania Geologists.
  • Hydrogeology and borehole geophysics of fractured-bedrock aquifers. Geological Survey Bulletin 77.
  • Steeply-dipping extension fractures in the Newark basin. Journal of Structural Geology.