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Annual lecture on prejudice reduction presented by the Department of Psychology

The annual Marvin W. Goldstein Lecture on Prejudice Reduction presented by the Department of Psychology, Rider University

Speaker: Dr. Laurie A. Rudman, a social psychologist and director of the Rutgers University Social Cognition Laboratory

Dr. Rudman examines implicit (or indirect) ways of assessing attitudes, stereotypes, self-concept, and identity, having found that many phenomena involving intergroup relations can be better predicted by using implicit measures. Her research also focuses on prejudice and employment discrimination, particularly with respect to gender and ethnicity.  She was awarded the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize (with Eugene Borgida) for research examining the effects of sexist advertising on men's behavior toward female job applicants.

This endowed lecture series honors the 38-year career of Marvin W. Goldstein, Ph.D., a member of the Rider University Psychology department and co-director of the Julius and Dorothy Koppelman Holocaust and Genocide Resource Center. 

Questions? Contact the Psychology Department at 609-896-5087

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