What is the CBA EDGE (Exploration, Discovery, Guidance, Evolution)?

The CBA EDGE is a living/learning community composed of first-year Business Administration majors*. By participating in the CBA EDGE, students will Explore the issues involved in today’s business world, Discover new friends and opportunities at Rider, be Guided toward choosing a specific major (e.g., Finance), and Evolve as a business student throughout their first year at Rider.

CBA EDGE students live, take classes, and study with a core group of fellow CBA EDGE students; their professors work together to coordinate core coursework, and the Faculty Coordinator will serve as an advisor for the students’ first two semesters, helping to solve problems, elect courses, and choose a major. The transition to campus life is made easier because students are able to make friends with whom to socialize, discuss assignments, work on papers, and study for exams.

Goal of the CBA EDGE

The purpose of the CBA EDGE is to provide support, both academically and personally, to Business Administration majors in their first year at Rider. Students will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of resources for academic and social success. In addition, the staff will develop an environment in which the students are supported and which allows the students to create connections within the CBA and with their peers.

Past participants of the CBA EDGE have consistently stated how much they have appreciated both the social and academic aspects of the community. By living on the same floor and taking classes together, friendships are formed quickly and students feel comfortable assisting each other with their coursework!

How big is the CBA EDGE and where will the students live?

The CBA EDGE can accommodate up to 26 students (a mix of both male and female students). Students are required to live in Kroner Hall, and rooms on the second floor of the hall (B and C wings) have been reserved for the CBA EDGE community.

Unless otherwise noted, CBA EDGE students will be housed with another CBA EDGE student. If a CBA EDGE student would like to room in the community with a non-CBA student, this may be accommodated if we are notified of the request prior to Room Selection (mid-June).

Please note that Kroner Hall is not an air conditioned residence hall. Students who require air conditioning must complete the Request for Disability Housing Accommodations form and supply appropriate documentation. The deadline for submission of this form is May 1 for new students. Because of limited space, approval is granted to those with the most significantly disabling condition(s).


  • The CBA EDGE will be comprised of one section (maximum of 26 students).
  • Students will take the following courses together during the Fall semester:
    • CBA 110 – Introduction to Business
    • CIS 185 – Information Systems Essential
    • Freshman Seminar
  • Students will take the following courses together during the Spring semester:
    • ECO 200 – Principles of Macroeconomics
    • MKT 200
    • Career Planning and Perspectives 1
  • The Resident Advisor (RA) selected to live on the CBA EDGE floor will create and promote programs geared towards the interests and experiences of the CBA students.
  • Upperclass students who were former CBA EDGE students will serve as Mentors in the community.
  • An upperclass CBA student will serve as a Peer Mentor for the CBA EDGE Freshman Seminar section to provide guidance and additional support. 
  • The CBA Faculty Coordinator and the CBA Administrative Coordinator will work closely with the CBA Faculty and Residence Life staff to:
    • promote a seamless connection between what the students are learning both in and out of the classroom by providing business/leadership related educational programming within the residence halls
    • coordinate in-hall activities, such as academic advising, tutoring, and social events
    • market and advertise program/event opportunities with the CBA EDGE
  • The residents in the buildings are able to take advantage of special programs that are related to their field of study and/or assist them in the eventual choice of a major within the CBA.
  • In order to participate in the CBA EDGE, a student must be enrolled as a first year Business Administration major.

What can students in the CBA EDGE expect from their experience?

  • To meet fellow first-year business majors who are not only exploring their academic goals, but also transitioning to life at Rider University.
  • To work closely with faculty members, student mentors, and an academic advisor throughout the year.
  • To participate in activities and service projects planned just for the CBA EDGE.
  • To reflect on current issues and roles within the realm of business to better determine one’s particular business interests.
  • To determine the activities and programs provided by providing input (i.e, surveys) and participating in a CBA EDGE Student Advisory Board.
  • To achieve extra class credit (when applicable) for participation in CBA EDGE events.
  • To receive regular updates about upcoming CBA EDGE events and issues.

Programming Initiatives (in addition to Residence Life educational/social programming):

Programming for the community will be both social and educational in nature. Educational programming and opportunities include academic advising, tutoring, and deciding on a major. CBA EDGE students will also have access to the programming done through the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills and the Leadership Development Program.

How can new CBA students sign up to live in the CBA EDGE?

At this time, interested students are highly encouraged notify Laura Seplaki ( or 609-895-5791) by Friday, May 30, 2014 to reserve a space in the CBA EDGE. Please provide your name, Rider e-mail address, and a contact phone number. A final list of CBA EDGE participants will be determined prior to room selection and students will be informed of their acceptance via e-mail.

Additionally, students will deposit for housing by this deadline and will log onto their myRider account, select the "Student Information" tab and select "Apply for Housing". The online housing application includes a section outlining the various learning communities and theme housing options available, including CBA EDGE.

*Due to course registration/class section requirements, those first year business administration majors participating in the following programs are not able to register for the CBA EDGE: Rider Achievement Program (RAP), EOP, Intercollegiate Athletics, and/or the Business Honors program.

Space is limited, so indicate your preference to live in the 2014-15 CBA EDGE community today!