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Study Abroad

Study abroad is an exciting way to take classes and earn academic credit in a country outside your own. There are plenty of reasons to study abroad, and everyone has their own

What Makes a Quality Study Abroad Experience?

We did the research and the legwork to build a high quality study abroad program with an array of choices, including exchange partner schools, direct enrollment schools and our study abroad affiliates.

Choose or Find the Right Experience

It’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed by all of your study abroad choices. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself a few questions. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to an unforgettable experience.

Where in the world do I want to be?

Are you picturing yourself browsing art at The Louvre in Paris, or studying the native species of the Australian outback? Think about what you’re hoping to get out of your time abroad. Talk to students who’ve studied in the country you’re considering. The more information you have, the easier it will be to hone in on the place that’s right for you.

What are my goals for this experience?

Think about what you’re ultimately trying to gain from your time abroad. Is it to get fluent in a new language? To study something you can’t study where you are? Or to learn the ins and outs of a culture other than your own. Having a clear picture of what you want to get out of your program will help guide you to the program that’s the best fit.

How do I want to live?

Would you like to live in a dormitory, an apartment, or with a family? Would you rather live with other Americans or with host country students? Do you want to live alone, or with other students? Remember, where and how you live is as important to your experience as the classes you take.

See where Rider students have gone to study abroad

Partners and Affiliates

Exchange Partner Schools


Direct Enrollment Schools

CEFAM in France
USC in Australia

Study Abroad Affiliates

AHA International
Alliance for Global Education
Edge Hill University (Lancaster, England)*
IFSA- Butler

Why Study Abroad?

Learn a new language, or immerse yourself in the country and culture of the language you're already studying.

  • See new places.
  • Explore your roots.
  • Hear, see, and experience new perspectives.
  • Gain a new perspective on your home country.
  • Build new friendships and relationships.
  • Boost your professional and financial potential.
  • Learn what life is like outside your comfort zone.
  • Deepen and expand your own worldview.

Countries Travelled to by Rider University Students

South Korea
New Zealand
Czech Republic
Costa Rica

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