Ethical Environments: Follow-up Discussion for May Faculty Development Days (May 22-23, 2014)

What specific things can individual faculty members do to help foster an ethical environment at Rider?


Dealing with Academic Dishonesty

One step that we can take to foster an ethical environment at Rider is to familiarize ourselves with the "Code of Academic Conduct" and "Procedure to be Followed in Cases of Academic Dishonesty" that are published in The Source (Student Handbook).  We then can focus on a fair and consistent application of these policies.  While these policies provide faculty with much latitude for dealing with cases of suspected cheating and plagiarism, they also contain important compenents that must be followed for the system to work in a meaningful way. 

Educating the whole student

It is my firm belief that we as faculty should be more progressive with methodologies that attend to all of the new science in learning. the traditional, sit down, 13th century model we are using is archaic. We should be developing wellness programs that give students resources to deal with stress, and teaching them about their mind/bodies. We have an ethical responsibility to be leaders in this respect.

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