Vendor Information

Take advantage of a great opportunity to sell your goods and/or services to the more than 6,000 members of the Rider Lawrenceville campus community. Conference Services makes a limited number of tables available outside the Rider University Bookstore on the ground floor of the Bart Luedeke Center, adjacent to Cranberry's Cafe. To learn more about this opportunity please e-mail or call 609-896-7700.

Vendor Registration Form (.pdf)

Vendor Regulations (.pdf)

Vendor Regulations

  1. Rider University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking indoors is not allowed. This includes but it not limited to cigarettes, the burning of candles and incense.                     
  2. You must stay within the boundaries of the space allotted to you. There can be no racks or extra tables erected. Posters and merchandise cannot be hung on walls.
  3. All merchandise sold must be listed on your Vendor Registration Form. Candles and incense are prohibited. If you bring items other than those listed, a representative of Auxiliary Services must approve them.
  4. Vendor merchandise cannot compete with the University Store. You are there to complement the store not to compete with it. If you are in doubt about your merchandise, please check with your Auxiliary Services Representative.
  5. In our effort to promote harmony among all racial, ethnic, gender and minority groups, we must ask that you do not display or sell any merchandise that might be offensive to other people. It is at the discretion of Auxiliary Services to judge what is offensive and we have the right to ask you to remove anything that we feel is offensive.
  6. If a problem should occur between you and a student, staff, or visitor of Rider University, please bring that problem to our attention immediately and allow us to intervene.
  7. Only merchandise, which is properly licensed by the trademark/copyright owner, can be sold.
  8. Vendors must be registered with the State of New Jersey, Division of Taxation.
  9. Once the dates are reserved and paid, no refunds will be granted. The only exception is a school closing due to inclement weather. In case of a school closing, a new date can be booked but no refund will be issued.

Rider University does not make and guarantees, warranties or representations regarding any goods or services. Each vendor is solely responsible for her/his/its own products.