Undergraduate Information Sessions
Who are Information Sessions for?
These sessions are appropriate for high school juniors or seniors, transfer students, or international students.

What's covered in an Information Session?

  • An overview of Rider
  • A discussion of the admission process
  • An explanation of the financial aid and scholarship processes
  • A student-led campus tour

Call 800-257-9026 or 609-896-5042, email us, or contact one of our counselors or student tour guides.


Upcoming Lawrenceville
Information Sessions
To register, please select the date/time of interest below. 

April 2014
Friday, April 181:00 p.m.Register
Monday, April 2110:00 a.m.Register
Tuesday, April 221:00 p.m.Register
May 2014
Saturday, May 3
10:00 a.m.Register
Saturday, May 10
10:00 a.m.Register
June 2014 
Tuesday, June 1710:00 a.m.Register 
Thursday, June 191:00 p.m.Register 
Tuesday, June 2410:00 a.m.Register 
Thursday, June 261:00 p.m.Register 
July 2014 
Tuesday, July 110:00 a.m.Register 
Thursday, July 31:00 p.m.Register 
Tuesday, July 810:00 a.m.Register
Thursday, July 101:00 p.m. Register
Tuesday, July 1510:00 a.m.Register
Thursday, July 171:00 p.m.Register 
Tuesday, July 2210:00 a.m.Register 
Thursday, July 241:00 p.m.Register 
Tuesday, July 2910:00 a.m.Register 
Thursday, July 311:00 p.m.Register 
August 2014
Tuesday, August 510:00 a.m.Register
Thursday, August 71:00 p.m.Register
Tuesday, August 1210:00 a.m.Register
Thursday, August 141:00 p.m.Register
Tuesday, August 1910:00 a.m.Register
Thursday, August 211:00 p.m.Register


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