Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

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About Rider

How many undergraduates are enrolled at Rider?
Approximately 4,000 full-time undergraduates are enrolled at Rider University.

How many transfer students enroll at Rider?
On average Rider enrolls 250 transfer students per year.

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About Transfer Admissions

What semester can a Transfer Student begin here at Rider University?
A transfer student can begin classes at Rider in the Fall or Spring semester.

What materials are required to apply as a transfer student?

  • Completed application with essay, one letter of recommendation and application fee
  • Official transcripts from every college and university attended
  • Official high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores if you have less than 30 college credits

When applying for admission, do transfer students have to submit high school transcripts and SAT scores?
Official high school transcripts and SAT scores are required only if you are applying with less than 30 college credits.

Can a transfer student qualify for the EOP program at Rider?
If you are currently enrolled in the EOF program at your community college, you may be eligible to qualify for the EOP program at Rider. Spaces in the program are limited, so be sure to submit all supporting documents by the appropriate deadlines.

Can a Transfer student live on-campus at Rider University?
Yes, transfer students are eligible to live on campus at Rider University as long as all deposits and corresponding forms are submitted by the corresponding deadline. The housing deposit deadline for the Fall is May 1. If you submit your housing deposit after the deadline, housing cannot be guaranteed and you may be placed on a waitlist. Rider University also provides a list of off-campus housing resources for any student to use.

About Financial Aid

How can I find out about financial aid?
The first step in securing financial aid is completing the FASFA form. Rider University has a direct link to the FASFA on their Office of Financial Aid website at or you can visit the FASFA website directly. For more information regarding Financial Aid, please contact Office of Financial Aid at 609-896-5360 or visit their website.

Does Rider University offer any scholarship opportunities to Transfer Students?
Yes, transfer students are offered Merit Scholarships ranging from $10,000 - $17,500* per year and are available to those students who transfer into Rider with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.50 and have taken 12 or more college level credits. Please visit the scholarship page for more specific information.

Does Rider University offer athletic scholarships?
Yes. Rider is a Division I NCAA institution and offers athletic scholarships. Rider has 20 intercollegiate athletic teams. Athletic scholarships are given by the discretion of the coach.

About Transfer Credits

How many credits can I transfer into Rider University?
A transfer student is generally eligible to transfer up to 60 credits from a two year institution and up to 90 credits from a four year institution. Please note that if you are pursuing any major in the business department, the maximum credits you can transfer into Rider is 75.  Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 609-896-5042 for more information.

What is the minimum grade required to receive transfer credit?
You must receive a "C" or higher in a course for it to be considered for transfer credit.

How can my credits from my current institution be evaluated?
If you have attended a community college in New Jersey, you can complete an unofficial credit evaluation using the website. This website will provide you with information such as what classes will transfer into Rider University and whether future classes will transfer into your desired major.

If you have attended schools other than a New Jersey community college, supply your unofficial transcript(s) and we can complete an unofficial evaluation of your completed credits, free of charge, by the academic coordinators in the corresponding academic department.

Transferring - School of Fine and Performing Arts

Will my music credits transfer?
In most cases music credits from any other college or university will not be accepted for major credit. Student may receive elective credit for music courses taken elsewhere.

How can I receive credit for music courses I have taken at another school?
All entering Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts in Music transfer student take a series of placement examinations. Based on the results of those exams, student may be exempted from any graduation requirement. Credits exempted by examination must be replaced with Arts and Science or music electives as appropriate.

Do I have to audition?
Students applying for the Bachelor of Music in Music Theater and the Bachelor of Arts in Music must complete an admission audition. Click here for a complete listing of audition requirements and dates.