All Westminster Choir College and many School of Fine and Performing Arts majors require an audition and/or interview.
For students who live beyond a 250 mile radius of Westminster and are unable to travel for an on-campus audition we will accept a recorded audition.  A pre-screening recording is required only for the Master of Music in Choral Conducting applicants. 

To facilitate the submission of recorded auditions we offer a service called DecisionDesk which will allow you to upload the recordings directly to us through our web site. Please see below for specific instructions and the appropriate links to upload your videos to DecisionDesk.

Upload Your Materials to DecisionDesk

View instructions for:

Westminster Choir College Voice, Piano and Organ Majors

Please submit a video recording.
Audio only recordings will not be accepted for any graduate program or for any undergraduate performance major.

  1. Organ videos must show pedals.
  2. Please follow all of the uploading instructions provided.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact the Help Desk at DecisionDesk.
Westminster Office of Admission cannot provide technical help with this service.

School of Fine and Performing Arts Majors

All majors must submit a video recording.
Audio only recordings will not be accepted.

Please submit the following:

The recorded Dance audition consists of two parts.

  1. Submit a video of 15 - 30 minutes of a dance class.
    The class should either be ballet or a modern or contemporary dance class that demonstrates understanding of rotation, alignment, and core strength.
    You should be clearly identified in the video.
  2. Submit a 1 -2 minute solo dance.
    The solo can be in any form of dance.

For questions regarding the recorded dance requirements please contact Dr. Kim Chandler Vaccaro at


  • Submit all of the on-campus audition requirements (2 songs, 2 monologues)
  • For the dance segment: Prepare a 1 one minute dance showing technique (turns, leaps, rhythm).
  • If you tap please show as well (separately).
  • Upload a current headshot and resume.

Applicants to the BFA in Musical Theatre are strongly encouraged to audition on campus or at the Unified auditions.  We DO NOT require a pre-screening recording.

Please Note: The deadline for Musical Theatre audition uploads has passed. No further audition uploads will be accepted for this program. 


Choral Conducting Pre-Screening

All applicants must stubmit the pre-screening recording through DecisionDesk.

Applicants must submit a preliminary screening recording in order to be considered for an invitation to an on-campus audition.

Deadline: Both the application and recording must be submitted no later than December 1.

We will no longer accept DVDs or VHS pre-screening recordings.

Recording Requirements:

  1. The recording must be in English.
  2. Twenty to thirty minutes of conducting/rehearsing a choir that the candidate regularly conducts, or an ad hoc group formed for the taping.
    (Previously recorded accompaniment is not accepted.)
  3. Camera positioned to show a head-on view.
  4. Music of contrasting tempi that demonstrates legato and marcato gesture.
  5. A list of works conducted.
  6. Follow the instructions for uploading the pre-screening recording found on the GitizenGroove website.
Please also upload the following:
  1. List of works conducted
  2. Resume
  3. Essay (statement of goals)
  4. Unofficial transcript

Our faculty will review all of the submitted pre-screening recordings and invite selected candidates to audition on campus.


Westminster Choir College Composition Majors

Undergraduate Applicants: 
Submit original scores which best demonstrate present abilities.  Please submit PDF files scores and recordings of these scores in MP3 format. In the absence of live/studio recordings, MIDI realizations, delivered in MP3 format, are an acceptable alternative.

Graduate Applicants:
Applicants should submit a portfolio of original works to include: 

  1. Three recent works which best demonstrate present abilities. One of which should be of moderate to large scale (e.g., movement of string quartet, choral work of at least 5 minutes). Please submit PDF files of the three representative scores and recordings of these scores in MP3 format. In the absence of live/studio recordings, MIDI realizations, delivered in MP3 format, are an acceptable alternative.
  2. Submit a list of all composition (this should include medium, date of composition, performance/reading of the piece).
  3. Compose a tonal, two-part invention based on the motive provided here: Invention Stimulus.