Annual Tuition and Fees for Graduate Study

The following tuition and fee estimates are for the 2011/2012 academic year, and are used for preparation of the I-20 form for Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 applicants.  This budget is based on two semesters (September through May). Official bills for tuition and fees will be sent approximately two months prior to the start of each term.

Supporting financial documentation provided by the applicant must demonstrate that funds totaling at least this amount are available for the first year of expenses. Students should plan for an average 5% increase each year for the 2012/2013 year and beyond.


Graduate Business

Graduate Education

Graduate Counseling



$ 15,120

$ 11,160

 $12,060  $31,330
Fees and Health Insurance 2 $ 1,255 $ 1,255  $ 1,255  $1,255
Living Expenses3(estimate, 12 months) $ 12,000 $ 12,000  $ 12,000  $12,000
Books, Supplies, and Other Expenses $ 3,500 $ 3,500  $ 3,500  $3,500
Total Cost: $ 31,875 $ 27,915  $28,815  $48,085

Graduate Business: $840 per credit; Graduate Education and Liberal Arts: $620 per credit; Graduate Counseling: $670 per credit. Subject to change.

Other expenses for which you should budget but which are not included in the above estimate are:

  1. International transportation
  2. Summer session costs (tuition, room & board, etc.) if you plan to stay at Rider for the summer (not required)
  3. Spouse ($5,000 per year) and/or children ($2,500 per year) if applicable.

1 For all programs except Westmister Choir College: Minimum full-time course load for students is 9 credits per semester during the Fall & Spring semesters, and 6 credits in the Summer term. Cost estimates are for a total of 18 credits per year (minimum required credits) Additional credits will be charged at the per credit rate indicated.
2 All international students are required to either carry health insurance valid in the United States or enroll in the plan offered through Rider.
3 Living expenses estimates are for 12 months, for off-campus housing. Students must independently secure housing, as on-campus housing is not available for graduate students. Only students who provide documentation stating the receipt of room & board free of charge are exempt from providing documentation for living expenses.

For more detailed tuition and fee information, please visit Office of Financial Aid.

Graduate Assistantships

Rider offers a limited number of graduate assistantships for graduate business and graduate education students. Assistantships are administrative and research positions; Rider University does not offer teaching assistantships. To apply for an assistantship, you must already be admitted to study at the university. Graduate assistantships do not cover the full cost of study. Most assistanships cover the cost of 6 credits (2 courses) per semester plus a hourly wage; international students must enroll in at least 9 credits (3 classes) per semester to maintain full-time student status.

Because assistantships are not guaranteed, and are not typically secured before students arrive on campus, anticipated assistantship funding may not be used towards proof of funding requirements for the first year of study at the Lawrenceville campus.

Assistantships for graduate music students at Westminster Choir College are more common and are generally offered shortly after admission is granted. Students should contact their respective graduate academic department for more information.