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New in 2014!SAP Student Recognition Award Certificate ProgramDevelop Highly Sought-After Career Skills Get Certified Using SAP
About School Psychology at Rider University Rider University has one of the finest school psychology programs in the region for several reasons:The School Psychology Program is one of only five specialist level programs in New Jersey to hold full accreditation from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
Preparation to teach Science is accomplished through a double major program in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Geosciences, requiring completion of the requirements of the major, general studies, and professional education major requirements.
Science for Business Minor (20 semester hours) Introductory Biology CourseOne course from the following: 3 BIO-100Life Science: Human Emphasis
Preparation to teach a particular academic subject is accomplished through a program requiring completion of the major requirements of the appropriate liberal arts or science major, general studies, and professional education major requirements.Programs
Graduate Level Secondary Education Certification programs are 21 credit hours and consist of four initial courses, followed by a seminar and internship. The programs are organized in a developmental sequence with initial courses providing a foundation for later courses.Certifications are offered in:
Preparation to teach Social Studies is accomplished through a double major program in, requiring completion of the requirements of the major, general studies, and professional education major requirements. The Social Studies major consists of five courses (15 credits) in one social science discipline (economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, or sociology), including one research course; regional history (6 credits), and social science electives (15 credits).
Welcome to the Sociology Department at Rider UniversitySociology helps us understand how social groups, organizations, social institutions and societies function, how they change over time, how they impact our lives – and how we create and sustain them, and can change them.
Spanish Major Four-Year PlanSpanish/Education Major Four-Year PlanBlank Four-Year Spanish Major PlanRequirements for the Spanish Major (27 semester hours beyond the Spanish 200-level courses and 12 semester
Language and Literature Track (18 semester hours)SPA-200, 201Spanish III, IV*6SPA-300 SPA-302Advanced Grammar and Composition or Writing and Translating for the Professions3SPA-320 SPA-325Introduction to Spanish Literature or Introduction to Latin-American/Latino Literature
The Interdisciplinary Minor in Special Education for Elementary Education is designed for Rider University undergraduate students who are enrolled as elementary education majors. In addition to the courses required for the elementary education major, students enrolled in the minor program are required to take a specific sequence of courses within the second major.The following courses, designed to teach concepts and applications in special education, are also required:
The Master of Arts in Special Education Program is designed to prepare certified teachers to teach students with special needs in a variety of setting. This program provides opportunities for students to understand the nature and causes of disabilities, become familiar with agencies and resources for persons with disabilities, and learn best practices and materials for teaching students with disabilities.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Sport Management
The Sport Studies program at Rider University provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the examination of the multifaceted sports industry.  The minor is designed to broaden and deepen the understanding of complex issues that are reported regularly in the media like, performance enhancing drugs, financing of new facility construction, discrimination, salary levels, labor relations, marketing and promotion, crime, the role of the NCAA, ticket pricing policies, scandals at colleges and universities, among others.
For K-8 TeachersSTEM EducationAll-Online Graduate Courses & Certificate Program
Summer Session I and II 3-week courses on the Lawrenceville campus will provide you with the perfect schedule to get ahead on your learning and still enjoy the rest of the summer.
Register at myrider.rider.eduCourses are subject to change, please check back often. Summer Session I 2015 Courses and Dates
Register at myrider.rider.eduCourses are subject to change, please check back often. Summer Session II 2015 Courses and Dates
Supervisor Certification Program for New JerseyThis program is designed for experienced and fully-certified teachers and other related instructional personnel to gain the necessary skills and professional knowledge to become supervisors in a school system. It is a coherent program that develops the reflective capacities of students to perform a wide range of supervisory functions in accord with recognized professional standards, best practices and values.
Choose a Sustainability Studies minor and study the major issues of our time. Why environmental sustainability?