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This 60-credit program prepares candidates for counseling positions in mental health agencies, hospitals, industry, and private practice. The program is accredited under the 2001 CACREP standards and meets the academic requirements for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and most other states; and for certification as a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS).
This 48-credit program prepares students to be certified as a school counselor in elementary and secondary public and private schools. The program’s emphasis is on developmental counseling. Accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the program has been approved for certification by the New Jersey State Board of Education and meets the certification requirements in most other states; and meets the core requirements of the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC).
Management and LeadershipThe manager's job is an exciting and fast-paced one that requires the ability to make decisions quickly and facilitate the work of others. The Management and Leadership major gives students the knowledge and skills they need to compete in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Firms of all sizes and in all fields need good managers who know how to motivate subordinates, manage teams, resolve conflicts, and lead by example. Businesses want new employees who can handle themselves as subordinates, supervisors, and team members.
Management and Leadership Major (18 semester hours) MGT-355Team Management 3 MGT-363Management Skills 3   Plus four of the following courses ENT 348Small Business Management3MGT-310Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 MGT-320Managing Workforce Diversity
The Marine Sciences major prepares students for meaningful and productive post-baccalaureate employment and/or admission to high-quality graduate programs. Although administered by GEMS, the Marine Sciences major is truly interdisciplinary in nature, both in its curriculum and faculty.The program investigates and emphasizes the multiple feedback interactions among unicellular to vertebrate marine organisms, the physiochemistry of the water in which they live, and the substrates in and/or on which they dwell.
Note: The Marine Sciences minor is not open to Marine Sciences majors.PLEASE NOTE: Some of the following requirements for the Marine Sciences Minor may be satisfied by taking similar coursework through Rider Approved Study Abroad Programs. Please contact your academic advisor, the GEMS department chair, and/or Rider's Center for International Education (CIE) for further information.
Students who major in Marketing are prepared for a broad array of careers in such fields as sales, retailing, promotion, distribution, customer service, marketing research and others.
The marketing major prepares students for a broad array of careers in such fields as sales, retailing, promotion, distribution, customer service, marketing research and others. Possible employment opportunities can be found with profit or nonprofit and public or private organizations marketing goods or services to consumers, businesses or other organizations.
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The MAT degree program offers practicing teachers the opportunity to acquire, enrich, and expand their professional knowledge so that they will become effective agents for positive change in their classrooms and schools. This 30-credit program, designed for Rider University graduates, is highly individualized allowing candidates to tailor their own courses of study that blend curriculum, instruction, and pedagogical content knowledge. Secondary and elementary teachers will feel equally at home with the flexibility that the MAT program affords in selecting electives. 
Graduate students majoring in conducting participate in Symphonic Choir for two semesters and in Master Singers for two semesters. A full recital in conducting with carefully researched program notes is presented at the culmination of study. Master of Music in Choral Conducting (36 semester hours) Major Area 21
Composition majors are expected to write works for soloists, for chamber ensembles, and for large wind or orchestral ensembles. The department welcomes diversity of compositional styles and esthetic viewpoints and encourages exploration on the part of its students. The program culminates with a recital of original music written while a student is enrolled at Westminster.
Westminster's Master of Music in Accompanying and Coaching program offers an intensive experience in lieder, choral music and opera coaching. Students work closely with their private teacher, while collaborating with graduate and undergraduate singers in a wide variety of literature and engaging in coursework designed to hone their musical, stylistic and linguistic understanding. Westminster's historic commitment to vocal music shapes a curriculum in which literature and languages are taught in every course, celebrating a spirit of investigation, both interpretive and scholarly.
Students majoring in Piano Pedagogy and Performance receive private lessons, study major teaching methodologies, and undertake observation and practice teaching. The program includes a two-semester teaching internship and culminates in a full recital or else in a combination lecture/performance recital. Semester juries are required. A weekly Pedagogy Lab is required for two semesters, but recommended for all four semesters.
Students majoring in Piano receive private lessons and play in weekly studio and performance classes. The program culminates with a full recital. Annual juries are required. Master of Music in Piano Performance (33-34 semester hours) Major Area 16-17
The graduate sacred music program provides advanced training for church musicians from a wide variety of educational, professional, and denominational backgrounds. It is expected that applicants for this program will bring a thorough grounding of musical knowledge and significant experience in full- or part-time music ministry. The curriculum includes general as well as specialized courses in sacred music studies, theology, history, musicology, and applied skills.
This program has two emphases or tracks. The pedagogy emphasis entails private lessons, voice literature, opera, vocal pedagogy, supervised student teaching and a full recital. The performance emphasis entails private lessons, voice literature, opera, vocal coaching, vocal pedagogy, and a full recital supported by carefully researched program notes. For students whose undergraduate work has not included a public recital, presentation of a 30-minute recital is required before work on the graduate recital may begin.
Westminster's Master of Voice Pedagogy program is offered almost entirely online and is specifically designed to serve the needs of professional singers, voice teachers, school music teachers, and voice coaches who want advanced training in the art and science of voice teaching. For those interested, there is also the option of extensive voice research. Supported by the latest developments in voice science, and thoroughly grounded in practical application, the program offers the most comprehensive training for singing teachers available anywhere.
The Master of Arts in Special Education Program is designed to prepare certified teachers to teach students with special needs in a variety of settings. This program provides opportunities for students to understand the nature and causes of disabilities, become familiar with agencies and resources for persons with disabilities, and learn best practices and materials for teaching students with disabilities.
INTERESTED IN SCIENCE? MATHEMATICS IS OF THE ESSENCE The Department of Mathematics offers rigorous and insightful instruction. Our courses progress from foundational topics to advanced theories and techniques. Faculty members are active in research and will invite, stimulate and support your curiosity and understanding. Our graduates go on to successful careers in: