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For college graduates interested in teaching.TEACH First ClassEarn your K-5 teaching certification through this innovative, mentored residency program.
For accomplished educators who are committed to teaching excellence – and who want to be catalysts of change and collaboration in their schools.
The graduate education certification program for teacher of students with disabilities includes the 21 semester-hour credits required by the State of New Jersey for endorsement as a teacher of students with disabilities for someone who is already fully certified as a teacher. It is recommended that courses be taken in order according to the following sequence.
The Social Work Program at Rider UniversityThe Social Work Program at Rider provides students with the opportunity to complete a minor in Social Work, or to select individual courses on particular aspects of social work.THE SOCIAL WORK MINOR CURRICULUMThree social work courses are offered on a regular basis and taught by instructors who have experience in social work.
For over half a century the Theatre department at Rider University has had a rich tradition in educating students and preparing them for all aspects of a life in theater. Exciting courses, inspirational and motivating faculty, abundant theater facilities, and a strong arts community all come together to give Theatre students at Rider a personalized and challenging education.
The Theatre Minor requires 20 credits.  The theatre minor requires an audition for students focusing on performance or an interview for those focusing on technical theatre in order to be accepted into the program.Theatre Minor
The program in composition, music history and theory aims to develop the aural skills needed by all musicians, to provide the necessary theoretical knowledge for the continuing study and performance of music, to develop analytical and esthetic understanding of music forms and styles, and to foster the creative impulse in music.