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The Master of Arts in Special Education Program is designed to prepare certified teachers to teach students with special needs in a variety of settings. This program provides opportunities for students to understand the nature and causes of disabilities, become familiar with agencies and resources for persons with disabilities, and learn best practices and materials for teaching students with disabilities.
INTERESTED IN SCIENCE? MATHEMATICS IS OF THE ESSENCE The Department of Mathematics offers rigorous and insightful instruction. Our courses progress from foundational topics to advanced theories and techniques. Faculty members are active in research and will invite, stimulate and support your curiosity and understanding. Our graduates go on to successful careers in:
Preparation to teach Mathematics is accomplished through a double major program requiring completion of the requirements of the major, general studies, and professional education major requirements.
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The minor in middle school education leads to an endorsement in middle school teaching of either English, mathematics, social studies, science, or one world language. In order to qualify for the middle school endorsement, students must major in elementary education, minor in middle school education, take the required 6 credits in middle school education listed below, and in addition, take at least 15 credits in one of the above disciplines.In addition to the professional education courses required of elementary education students, students in this program are required to take:
The Multicultural Studies Minor is a flexible minor that focuses on the United States. By minoring in Multicultural Studies, you can learn how different cultures interact to shape individual identity and to structure U.S. society. Because organizations today need employees who can perform effectively in a diverse workplace, the minor can also enhance your employment options. As a Multicultural Studies minor, you have opportunities for both personal and professional development:
Our music education program has a reputation for excellence in the field. Unlike many other schools, Westminster's music education majors are taught by faculty members (not graduate assistants) and enjoy the same studio and ensemble experiences as performance majors. 
Master of Music in Music Education Master of Music EducationOur music education program boasts 11 consecutive years of 100 percent placement and has a reputation for excellence in the field. Unlike many other schools, Westminster's music education majors participate fully in the College's programs and enjoy the same studio and ensemble experiences.
The BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Music offers:
The Music Studies Minor requires 18 credits. Music MinorRequired Courses
Rider University proudly offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre designed to strengthen its reputation as one of the country's top schools of musical theatre training.