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Health care is the fastest growing industry in the country, and comprises over one-tenth of all economic activity in the United States. By many estimates, health expenditures will continue to increase in the coming years, creating even more job opportunities in health administration. In this dynamic industry, new, young leaders will be needed to adjust to the constant technological, financial, managerial, and demographic changes.
NEW IN FALL 2015Bachelor of Science in Business Administration inHealth Care Management
Introducing Health Communication
Why Major in History at Rider University?
Please see Social Studies Education.
NEW in Spring 2014! HOMELAND SECURITY POLICY MINOR — A minor for the 21st century —
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management (HRM) professionals perform many vital business activities in organizations. As both private and public sector organizations have become more concerned about such issues as legal compliance and ensuring employee work behaviors are aligned with strategic objectives, the demand for well-trained HRM professionals has increased greatly. Practitioners in HRM are involved in a variety of important, interesting, and challenging activities.
Human Resource Management Major (18 semester hours) MGT-310Introduction to Human Resource Management 3   PLUS five of the following courses, including at least three of the first five listed 15 HRM-312Introduction to Labor Relations 3 HRM-313Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management 3