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Rider University’s Gender and Sexuality Studies program explores the complex interactions among race, class, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. Courses in Gender and Sexuality Studies explore the current debates on key issues such as reproductive rights, domestic partnerships, health, communication and law. Students taking courses in Gender and Sexuality Studies benefit from understanding how gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality affect the way that individuals think and act.
(Available to nonbusiness majors only) General Business Minor (24 semester hours) MSD-105 MTH-210 Quantitative Methods for BusinessorCalculus I 3 MSD-200PSY-201ENV-200 MTH-120 Statistical Methods I Statistics and Research DesignStatistical & Computer Applications in the Natural SciencesIntroduction to Applied Statistics
DEPARTMENT NEWSRider in the Galapagos: Students and faculty from GEMS, as well as other departments, traveled to the Galapagos Islands during January 2014 to learn about their geology, ecology, environments, tourism industry, and culture. Learn more about the trip and why these kind of travel experiences are so valuable, educational, and memorable.
The Geosciences major prepares students for meaningful and productive post-baccalaureate employment and/or admission to high-quality graduate programs. The program incorporates a broad and challenging curriculum, which emphasizes and investigates many of the important geologic subdisciplines. These include rock-forming mechanisms and controls, deformational and tectonic processes, the weathering and erosion of geologic materials, the transport and deposition of derived sediments, and the physical and biological history of the Earth.
Requirements for the German Major (24 semester hours beyond German IV and 12 semester hours in collateral liberal arts courses)GermanGER-305Introduction to German Literature3Seven courses from the following:21GER-300Composition and Conversation GER-301German for Business GER-30
Requirements for the German Minor (18 semester hours)GER-200, 201German III, IV*6GER-305 GER-307Introduction to German Literature or German Literature and Film3 Three German courses at the 300 level or above9* Two advanced language or literature courses will be substituted upon demonstrated proficiency.
Global Studies •   
Bachelor of Science in Global Supply Chain Management • }
The Department of Graduate Education, Leadership, and Counseling offers a graduate-level program suited for college graduates and career changers seeking the initial teaching certificate.The Graduate-Level Teacher Certification Program is appropriate for applicants who have a proven record of academic performance, are committed to the ideals of the teaching profession, and have the potential to succeed as a teachers.
Departmental Core (24 credits)