Majors, Minors, & Programs
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The advertising major prepares students for careers in advertising agencies, large or small, or in the advertising or promotion departments of profit or nonprofit organizations. Possible entry-level positions include media buyer, copy writer and assistant account executive. This program combines a solid background in the business disciplines with the study of communications. It emphasizes the role of advertising/promotion within the marketing communications strategy.
Advertising Minor for Communication Majors (30 semester hours)The College of Business Administration offers a minor in advertising available to communication and journalism majors.
Advertising Minor for English Majors (27 semester hours)CIS 260 COM 212 Business GraphicsorPublication Design3MKT 200Marketing Principles
About the American and Public Musicology Graduate ProgramWestminster Choir College’s master of music program in American and Public Musicology focuses on preparing students for careers both inside and outside academia. As the first graduate program in North America to require coursework in public musicology, Westminster’s program looks beyond traditional music history and research to consider musicology as a practice in civic engagement. 
American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that explores American culture and identity We study literature, history, film, food, media, music, philosophy, art, and politics to achieve a multi-layered understanding of our society and what it means to be American. AMS has an intimate, open atmosphere and a curriculum unencumbered by traditional disciplinary boundaries, a place for freewheeling conversations about the American experience.  AMS courses include
The Applied Leadership Institute course is designed for science professionals who seek to expand their leadership skills and abilities. Program Highlights & Objectives Through the exploration of best practice skills for leading people and organizations, participants in this three-day course will learn how to:


The Art Minor requires 21 credits.  Of the 21 required credits, at least 9 must be at the 300 or 400 level, and no more than 3 may be an independent study or internship.
Why Arts Administration?
The Arts Administration Minor requires 18 credits.  Any Rider University student may choose to pursue the Arts Administration Minor.  Interested students should declare the Arts Administration Minor by completing a form available in the Department Office.
Can a bachelor's degree make a difference in your future?Rider’s affordable online degree program leading to the B.S. in Business Administration offers working professionals the convenience and flexibility of completing their college degree online.
Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance (120 semester hours) Required Dance Courses  47 credits
Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies (120 credits) Required Dance Courses  32 credits
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance (120 credits) Required Theatre Courses 45 credits
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies (120 credits) Required Theatre Courses 45 credits
The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM) degree offers students a versatile liberal arts education within a world-renowned music school. By fostering intellectual engagement in many disciplines, it is particularly well suited for musically talented students who have additional academic interests and desire a flexible career trajectory.
Undergraduate Piano majors are expected to play at least twice in performance classes each semester. Semester juries, a recital in either the sophomore or junior year and a senior recital are required. Bachelor of Music in Piano (124-125 semester hours) Choirs and Conducting 11
The undergraduate sacred music program is designed for students who are preparing for professional careers in church music. The curriculum provides courses in theological, liturgical, sociological, and practical dimensions of music ministry and requires at least one year of supervised field education in an affiliate church. Bachelor of Music in Sacred Music (126 semester hours) Choirs and Conducting 14
The curriculum for the undergraduate Theory/Composition major is designed to foster individual creative ability and to develop a broad and informed musicianship along with a knowledge of the literature of all periods. The department welcomes diversity of compositional styles and esthetic viewpoints and encourages exploration on the part of its students. The program culminates with a recital of original music written while a student is enrolled at Westminster.