A Great Library is the Heart of Any Great College

A Library Needs Friends

Talbott Library Friends is an organization which promotes the well being and enhances the excellence of Talbott Library. Friends have the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents for a variety of projects. Funds raised by the Talbott Library Friends are used to provide extra resources and services beyond the scope or reach of the library budget.

Our Objectives

  • To promote support and appreciation for Talbott Library
  • To provide assistance for the further enrichment of the Library's collections and programs
  • To encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to the Library
  • To coordinate volunteers to assist with special projects

Our Achievements

  • Purchased copies of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians for the library (the 1st edition, received in 1982)
  • Purchased facsimile of Le Roman de Fauvel and The Arundel Choirbook in 2005
  • Purchased shelves and book trucks for the library in 2002
  • Raised $4,000 toward the purchase of the Routley Collection
  • Acquired a microfiche reader for the library
  • Acquired an electronic piano for the Performance Collection
  • Assisted in procurement of special collections, including transportation
  • Arranged for art exhibit on loan to enhance appearance of the library
  • Volunteered special skills, such as hand-binding of library materials
  • Procured free library and office equipment
  • Donated thousands of books, music scores, and sound recordings both to directly augment the collection and to raise money for new purchases through library sales
  • Donated music to purchase memorial books
  • Contributed to book endowment funds
  • Photocopied fragile documents from the Archives on to acid-free paper

You Give, But You Get

  • An increased appreciation of Talbott Library and its importance to the Westminster/Rider community
  • Invitations to special programs and receptions sponsored by the Friends
  • Reference assistance by mail, telephone, or email
  • Circulation privileges for individuals who are local residents and who are in the Participating, Sustaining, Sponsor, or Life membership categories

Select a Level of Commitment that is Right For You

  • Become a supporting member
    Your annual dues will enable the Talbott Library Friends to continue and expand their work on behalf of the library.
    Your name on the membership list identifies your concern for maintaining a quality library for Westminster Choir College.
  • Become an active participant
    As for a supporting member, plus...
    You participate in the many and varied tasks needed for the success of the Talbott Library Friends' activities and programs.


Talbott Library Friends Membership Registration Form

This form is to be printed out and mailed. It is in Rich Text Format, an open standard for documents that most word processing programs can understand.