The Talbott Library Frequently Asked Questions

A. General Information
B. Research Help
C. Borrow from Other Libraries
D. Library Facilities
E. Services to Faculty
F. Other Questions?

A. General Information

1. What are the Library’s hours?
Click here for Talbott Library’s hours

2. What are the Library’s phone numbers?
Circulation Desk – (609) 921-7100 x8237
Reference Desk – (609) 921-7100 x8314

3.  Are food and beverages allowed in the Library?
Food is not allowed in the Library, but can be eaten in the foyer study lounge. Water may be brought into the Library only in a bottle with a screw on top. Coffee must be in a secure travel mug.

4. How do I check out a book?
Bring the book/score to the Circulation Desk along with your current Rider ID.

5. How long can I keep books or scores?
Students, Guest Borrowers, and Staff may keep most books and scores for 4 weeks. Exceptions to this include piano pedagogy and music education materials which only circulate for 2 weeks to current Students and Faculty members. Materials may be renewed twice if no one else has requested them. Faculty may keep books and scores for one semester.

6. How do I renew a book?
You can either bring the book into the Library or you can renew it online by going to the library homepage to Check My Account. Call the library at 609-921-7100 x8237 if you are having trouble renewing on line.

7. How do I check out a video or DVD/CD?
You must look up the call number of the DVD/CD in the online catalog. The Reference Librarian is available to assist you, if needed. A staff member will retrieve it for you at the Circulation Desk.

8. How long can I keep a video or DVD/CD?
Three days for Rider students and two weeks for faculty and staff. All other patrons have a 3 hour borrowing time in the Library only.

9. How much are fines for overdue items?

Item Type Fine Maximum
Circulating materials (books & scores) $.25/day/item $25
Reserve – in library use $2/hour/item $25
Audiovisual – in house use $2/hour/item $25
Audiovisual – Circulation media $2/day/item $25

10. Where do I find items that my professor has put on reserve?
Look on-line for the professor’s reserve list. Go to the online catalog. Find the course name & number and professor’s name from the pull-down list. All items that are on reserve for that class are listed. Scroll the list until you find the item(s) that you need. Bring the call number(s) to the Circulation Desk.

11. What is your guest access policy?
The library is open to the Community to browse the collection. A patron may become a Talbott Library Friend. An application form must be completed, along with appropriate identification (student ID, driver’s license, etc.) A minimum donation of $25.00 is required in order to have borrowing privileges. The membership is for 1 year. In the case of a minor, a parent or guardian should complete the form. A Friend of the Library may check out up to 6 books or scores for a 4 week period. One renewal per item is allowed. No media, piano pedagogy or music education materials may be borrowed.

12. Is there a charge for printing in the Library?
There is no charge for students to print from a computer. They are encouraged to save their documents to personal storage devices or send files via email. Photocopying costs $.15 per page. You may buy a copy card from the card machine; the unit cost may be cheaper. Guests have limited printing privileges. See Reference Librarian on duty for assistance.

B. Research Help

1. I need to do research. How do I begin?
A librarian at the Reference Desk will help you get started. From off campus, you may call (609) 921-7100 x8314 or send an email to See Reference Desk Hours.

2. How can I find books and videos in the Library?
Use the Library’s online catalog. The item location is noted. If you need more assistance, please ask a staff member for help.

3. How can I find journal articles?
The Libraries’ databases contain journal articles. Go to Databases & Indexes. For further assistance, please see a Librarian at the Reference Desk.

4. Can I access the Library’s databases from home?
Yes.  When you click a journal database, you will be prompted to enter your Rider EasyPass username and password to access the database. 

5. How do I know if the Library subscribes to the journal I need?
Use Journal Holdings and enter the journal name in the search box.

C. Borrow From Other Libraries

1. How do I borrow an item from another library?

If the Library does not own an item you need (check the online catalog to make sure), then go to the library homepage and under “Request Materials,” click the link Borrow from Other Libraries.

2. How long will it take for the material to arrive?
It usually takes between 7 to 10 business days to arrive.

3. How will I know when the materials arrive?
You will be notified by your Rider email.

4. Where do I pick up the materials?
If the material comes in electronic format, it is sent to you via email. Print materials are sent to faculty via campus mail. Students will pick up print materials from the Circulation Desk.

5. How do I borrow an item from Moore Library?
Go to the library homepage, under “Request Materials,” click Delivery from Moore to Talbott.

6. Can I borrow from the neighboring libraries such as The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and the Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) Princeton University? How about from other NJ academic libraries?
Rider students can use their Rider IDs to check out books from the TCNJ Library and the PTS Library. See Details for visiting and borrowing from TCNJ Library.  Rider students may visit the Mendel Library of Princeton University by showing their Rider University student ID. Students are allowed to use materials in the library but may not borrow items.

Students, faculty, and staff can visit and borrow from many NJ academic libraries.  See VALE reciprocal borrowing program and libraries

Rider students can also borrow from the Mercer County Library.

7. How can I access the main Firestone Library of Princeton University?
It is not open to the public. Students may borrow a Firestone Library Access Card for a limited time from the Circulation Desk to visit the Firestone Library. Although you do not have borrowing privileges, you are allowed to print from Firestone Library’s esources. A $25.00 deposit, which is refunded when the card is returned on time, is required.

D. Library Facilities

1. Where are the public restrooms, including handicapped access?
Restrooms are located on the lower floor of the building.

2. Does the Library have scanners?

Yes, located in the study area of the library.

3. Does the Library have a color printer?

4. Do you have a fax machine in the Library?

5. I would like to use a group study room. What do I do?
Contact Talbott Circulation to book the Instruction Room. A staff member will open the room for you. The rooms are available for two hours at a time on a first come, first serve basis.

6. I would like to use an audiovisual room for group viewing. What do I do?
The Instruction Room has a computer, a wall mounted monitor, as well as DVD and VHS players. Contact the Talbott Circulation desk at 609-921-7100 x8237 to make a reservation.

E. Services for Faculty

1. How can I access the main Library of Princeton University?
It is not open to the public. Faculty and staff may borrow a Princeton Card for three days from the Circulation Desk to visit the Firestone Library. However, you may not borrow any books with the card. You are allowed to print from Firestone Library’s esources.

2. Can a librarian teach my class how to use reliable resources for research assignments?
Yes. Please contact Mi-Hye Chyun or Robert Terrio to arrange for a librarian to teach your class.

F. Other Questions?

Call the Circulation Desk at (609) 921-7100 x8237 or the Reference Desk at (609) 921-7100 x8314.