Finding Books, Scores, Recordings, and Videos in Talbott Library

Online Catalog

  • The online catalog includes all items cataloged since May 1983 and some library materials cataloged before May 1983.
  • Some library materials are not yet represented in the online catalog, so if you don't find what you need online, check the card catalog, or ask a librarian. Most of these items will be added to the online catalog over the next 3 years.

Card Catalog

  • The card catalog was closed in January 1999. Items cataloged after that date are found only in the online catalog.
  • The card catalog includes author, composer, title, and subject access.
  • Cards are filed alphabetically with some sections further divided by sub-groups (e.g., a composer's musical works are filed separately from books written about that composer or about his or her works).
  • A shelf list (cards filed by classification number) provides access to music scores by genre and/or performing forces.

Sound Recordings Catalogs

  • Sound and video recordings cataloged since May 1983 are found in the online catalog.
  • Additionally, an older card catalog contains entries for LPs; a newer card catalog includes entries for LPs, CDs, and videos.
  • A notebook index to the Doug Jensen Organ Recording Collection is available at the reference desk.
  • Please note that none of these catalogs is complete in itself, and anyone looking for a particular recording should search all of them to be certain of accurately determining whether the library owns the item. If you need assistance, ask the reference librarian.