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The Moore Library Frequently Asked Questions

A. General Information
B. Research Help
C. Borrow from Other Libraries
D. Library Facilities
E. Services to Faculty
F. Other Questions?

A. General Information

1. What are the Library’s hours?
Click here for Moore Library’s hours.

2. What are the Library’s phone numbers?
Circulation Desk – (609) 896-5113
Reference Desk – (609) 896-5115

3. Are food and beverages allowed in the Library?
The Libraries permit the consumption of beverages carried in covered containers and individual snack-size food items, except in designated areas*. All other food and drinks are permitted only in the outer lobby.  Library users are advised to be considerate of other library users when eating and drinking in the Library and report any spills to library staff immediately.

* No food or drinks near any university-owned electronic equipment; Drinks only in instructional classrooms (LPC1 & LPC2) with computers. 

4. How do I check out a book? 
Bring the book to the Circulation Desk along with your current Rider ID.

5. How long can I keep a book?
Students, Guest Borrowers, and Alumni may keep a book for 4 weeks. It can also be renewed twice if no one else has requested it. Faculty and Staff may keep a book for one semester.

6. How do I renew a book?
You can either bring the book into the Library or you can renew it online by going to the library homepage and click Library Catalog. Click Login (on the upper right corner) to login with your name and Bronc ID. Click your name to display the checked out items. Check the ones you wish to renew. Renewals cannot be done over the phone or by e-mail.

7. How do I check out a video or DVD/CD?
Check them out at the Circulation Desk. You must look up the call number of the DVD/CD in the Library Catalog. CDs are on an open shelf in the reference room. A Circulation staff member will retrieve videos and DVDs for you at the Circulation Desk.

8. How long can I keep a video or DVD/CD?
Three days for students and two weeks for faculty and staff.

9. How much are fines for overdue items?

Item Type Fine Maximum
Circulating materials $.25/day/item $25
Reserve – in library use $2/hour/item $25
Reserve – one day to one week $2/day/item $25
Audiovisual – in house use $2/hour/item $25
Audiovisual – Circulation media $2/day/item $25

10. Where do I find items that my professor has put on reserve?
They are on reserve at the Circulation Desk. These books can be textbooks or other books the professor reserved for the class. Use Find Reserves link on the Library homepage to search by instructor or course.

11. Does the library have my class textbooks?
Since Fall 2015, Rider Libraries have a pilot textbook program and provide most textbooks for freshmen. Textbooks can be used in the library for 2 hours. Use this Guide to locate your textbook. Get the call number of the book and request it at the Circulation Desk.

12. What is your guest access policy?
A Guest Borrower must be at least 14 years of age. An application form must be completed, along with appropriate identification (student ID, driver’s license, etc.) In the case of a minor, a parent or guardian should complete the form. A Guest Borrower may check out 2 books for a 4- week period.

13. Is there a charge for printing in the Library?
There is no charge for our students, faculty and staff to print from a computer. Photocopying costs $.15 per page. Patrons must have change or the copier will take $1.00 bill.

B. Research Help

1. I need to do research. How do I begin?
A librarian at the Reference Desk will help you get started.
From off campus, you may call (609) 896-5115 or send an email to Ask a Librarian See Reference Desk Hours.

2. How can I find books and videos in the Library?
Use the Library Catalog.

3. How can I find journal articles?
The Libraries’ databases contain journal articles. Go to Databases & Indexes or Library One Search.

4. Can I access the libraries’ databases from home?
Yes.  When you click on a journal database, you will be prompted to enter your Rider EasyPass username and password to access the database.

5. How do I know if the Library subscribes to the journal I need?
Use Find Journals on the library home page and enter the journal name in the search box.

C. Borrow From Other Libraries

1. How do I borrow an item from another library?
If the Library does not own an item you need (check the Library Catalog to make sure), then go to the library homepage and under “Request Materials,” click the link Borrow from Other Libraries.

2. How long will it take for the material to arrive?
It usually takes between 7 to 10 business days to arrive.

3. How will I know when the materials arrive?
You will be notified by your Rider email.

4. Where do I pick up the materials? 
If the material comes in electronic format, it is sent to you via email. Print materials are sent to faculty via campus mail. Students will pick up print materials from the Circulation Desk.

5. How do I borrow an item from Talbott Library (WCC)?
Go to the library homepage, under “Request Materials,” click Delivery from Talbott to Moore.

6. Can I borrow from the neighboring libraries such as The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and the Lawrenceville public library? How about from other NJ academic libraries?
Rider students can use their Rider IDs to check out books from the TCNJ Library. See Details for visiting and borrowing from TCNJ Library.
Students, faculty, and staff can visit and borrow from many NJ academic libraries. See VALE reciprocal borrowing program and libraries.
Rider students can also borrow from the Mercer County Library.

7. The catalog indicates that the book I need is at the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC). Where is it and how can I borrow this book?
It is in Memorial Hall, Room 101. The CRC phone number is 609-896-5172. See Research Guide on CRC for more details.

D. Library Facilities

1. Do you have a floor map of the Library?
Yes. See the Library’s floor map. The main Library is on the second floor. The conference room and classrooms are on the 3rd floor.

2. Where are the public restrooms?
Restrooms are located on the 3rd floor of the building. There is also a restroom located in the 24 hour study lounge.

3. Does the Library have scanners?
Yes, located in the reference room and in the microforms room.

4. Does the Library have a color printer?
No. Collegiate Press (609-896-5031) has one and will print out what you need for a charge.

5. Do you have a fax machine in the Library?
No, but Rider bookstore and the Collegiate Press can help students fax documents.
6. I would like to use a group study room. What do I do?
Eleven study rooms are available for groups of 2 or more. The keys are available at the Circulation Desk. Two current Rider IDs are required. The rooms are available for two hours at a time on a first come, first served basis. Two of the rooms are equipped with smart boards.

7. I would like to use an audiovisual room. What do I do?
Two audiovisual rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and are available for 2 hours. One room is equipped with a regional DVD player that can play DVD formats from other countries. We also have one room equipped with a Blu-ray player.

8. Does the library have the statistical software SPSS on your computers?
SPSS is available on some computers in the Library. Check with a librarian or a staff member to direct you to the computers.

9. Is there a place for me to study after the Library is closed?
Yes, in the 24-hour lounge of the Library.

E. Services for Faculty

1. How can I access the main Library of Princeton University?
Firestone Library is not open to the public. Faculty can be signed in for the day at the Welcome/Security Desk in the lobby of Firestone Library. To apply for an access card valid for the semester, present your Rider faculty ID card and another form of ID at the Access Office (609-258-5737). The access card must be returned to the Access Office upon renewal of new card. You may not borrow any books with the card. 

2. Can a librarian teach my class how to find reliable resources for research assignments?
Yes. Please contact Professors Diane Campbell or Pat Dawson to arrange for a librarian to teach your class.

F. Other Questions?

Call the Circulation Desk at (609) 896-5113 or the Reference Desk at (609) 896-5115.

Revised 9-23-2015